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  • On Medical Mondays,

  • hear the story of Mary Jean, a retired nurse,

  • and discover how geriatric specialist

  • helped her resume the act of life she loves.

  • The first time I was in,

  • I had a torn hamstring, and as a result of that,

  • I developed a thrombosis in my left leg.

  • Mary Jean has had a series of problems

  • that have led her to be in the hospital,

  • led her to the emergency room,

  • and it's been complicated.

  • It's not been a simple fix for all of these problems.

  • Fortunately, her doctor is a geriatrician

  • who understands the complexity

  • of her multiple medical conditions.

  • A geriatrician is a doctor who's also trained

  • as a specialist in taking care of older people,

  • the diseases they have, the conditions they have

  • and the drugs they take.

  • So when Mary Jean had to be admitted

  • to the hospital,

  • her doctor recommended a groundbreaking program

  • at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC.

  • We wanted to create a way to provide the advantages

  • of geriatric approach to all older people

  • throughout a hospital, and in order to do that,

  • we created the Acute Care and Transition Program

  • at Magee-Womens Hospital.

  • The Acute Care and Transitions Program

  • can yield many benefits for seniors,

  • including shorter hospital stays,

  • with fewer complications and readmissions.

  • We're able to reduce people's medication list

  • often by as much as 75 or 80%,

  • and ironically, they get better, not worse,

  • with the reduction.

  • So for each patient, we like to think,

  • "What are the goals for this person?"

  • We like to discuss it with the patient, with their family.

  • In her case, she can easily tell me

  • what her goals are herself,

  • and that's what I use to guide my care.

  • You need an advocate, you need somebody there.

  • I have it in the people that are taking care of me.

  • This program really helps a person like Mary Jean get back

  • to where she's at home, she's independent,

  • she's doing the things she wants to do.

  • As long as I have two feet on the ground,

  • I want to be able to live

  • a full, rich life.

  • For more information on specialized care

  • for seniors, visit UPMC's HealthBeat blog

  • at

(gentle guitar music)


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