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Hello, I’m Shaun. How are you today?
Have you ever met somebody you like,
but you don’t know how to make friend with him or her?
Today, I’m going to show you how you can introduce yourself,
and tell others what you like to do.
Do you want to try it yourself?
Can we watch another video? This one is boring!
To get other’s attention, your first impression is very important.
You only have 10 seconds to catch people’s attention.
So, don’t be shy, try to impress others within 10 seconds.
But you won’t want to be one of these guys…
Hey, what's up, guys? I'm James.
Oh, hang on.
Hello, sorry, just a second.
Yo, what's up, man?
My name is James. I’m from New York. Do you know how it feels?
Let me show you the song.
If you don’t want to be one of these people, you must listen up.
To introduce yourself, first, you must have a strong opening.
Hi, I’m James.
Now you caught others’ eyes, and you can tell them more about you.
Like what you like to eat or what you can do.
I can play baseball.
I can see.
I can run.
I can jump.
I can read.
Who broke the window?
If your new friend likes your introduction, then you can continue.
Tell your new friend some interesting things about your family.
This is my father. He can sleep.
This is my mother. She can speak.
OK, now you know how you can introduce yourself to a new friend.
Let’s see how things are put together.
Hello everyone, my name is James.
I like to play baseball, so I can run fast and jump high.
I also like to read books.
But my father doesn’t like to read, he sleeps a lot.
My mother can speak very quickly.
Is it cool? Thanks for listening.
What a wonderful speech. It’s so touching.
My boy is growing up.
See, I told you this would be the coolest self-introduction ever.
Now let’s review some of the words you might use during your introduction.


何嘉仁 FunTube看世界【Introduce Yourself】

5945 タグ追加 保存
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