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Hello, I’m Shaun. Nice to meet you.
Today, we’re going to talk about colors in English.
How many colors do you know?
Can you name the colors in the rainbow?
It’s red, yellow, orange and…
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
YA! I can do it.
You’re just counting.
That is number, not color. Are you OK?
If you don’t know the colors of the rainbow, it might not be the end of the world.
If you don’t know, it’s OK.
Oh no, I don’t know the colors of the rainbow.
Mom, Dad, English teacher. I’m so sorry.
OK. For some people, it might be the end of the world.
So, it is a very important lesson for you to know different colors in English.
Starting from the color “red.”
You can see many things are red in your daily life.
Red cars, red clothes, red flowers.
And your mother’s face…
Peter, be quiet. I’m on the phone now.
I hope he is OK.
The second one is orange.
Orange is exactly the color of an orange, but don’t mess it up.
Do you like orange?
Yes, I like it very much, and I also like apples, and bananas, watermelon, and…
Wait, I’m not finishing yet.
Are you OK?
I also like lemons, peaches, kiwi fruit and…
After orange, it’s yellow and green.
Yellow and Green are the colors you must know,
because they are very important in our daily life.
My knees are hurting. Can anyone help me?
Is that yellow?
The next color is blue.
The sky is blue. The ocean is blue, and Taipei 101 is blue, too.
Sometime, we said someone is blue.
It means they are sad or unhappy.
It doesn’t mean his or her face is blue.
Wow, are you OK? You looked blue.
I looked blue? Is my face blue? Is something blue on me?
Wow, he is very blue….
The next one is purple.
Typically, when you ask a person if they like purple or not,
you will see two types of reactions.
Do you like purple?
Oh yes, I love purple.
I want everything in purple.
I want my bed in purple, my hair in purple, and my room in purple
and I want my father, mother and brother in purple.
Are you OK?
On the other hand, you will also see…
Do you like purple, James?
I hate purple. I hate everything in purple.
Finally, the last color we mention today is pink.
Pink is popular among kids, especially girls in nowadays.
But, in fact, in the 19th century, pink was for boys,
and blue was for girls.
OK, now you know all the colors in the rainbow.
Let’s review them again.
And see you next time.



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