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  • Hello, it’s me, Shaun. How’s your weekend?

  • What do you usually do from Monday to Sunday?

  • Wait, you don’t know what Monday and Sunday are.

  • MonMonday…?

  • Do you mean monkey?

  • Money?

  • Mother?

  • Monster?

  • Sunday?

  • I only know Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

  • I don’t know there is a son’s day.

  • To avoid that, you must know the days of the week.

  • Actually, each day of the week has its own story.

  • The first day of the week is called, ''Monday''.

  • It is named after the first thing youll see in the sky at night.

  • What?

  • Taipei 101?

  • The light?

  • Stars?

  • Mosquitos?

  • That must be right, mosquitos.

  • Mosquito day.”

  • It’s the moon!

  • Moon for Monday.

  • The first thing you see in the sky at night is the first day of the week.

  • After Monday, it is Tuesday.

  • The name of Tuesday comes from an ancient God called Tyr,

  • it's the God of war and hero.

  • The God of war? Like Superman or Captain America?

  • And then, after Tuesday, it is Wednesday.

  • It’s named after one of the most famous God, Woden.

  • You might not hear the name before, but you must know another name, Odin.

  • Because he is such a great and wise God,

  • the third day of the week is called Woden’s day, Wednesday.

  • The story is not done yet. Woden has a son, called Thor.

  • The God of thunder.

  • So after Wednesday, it is Thor’s day, and we called it Thursday

  • I know Thor, the big guy in the movie.

  • He holds a hammer and flies around. And he can bring thunders at his wish.

  • After Thursday, it’s Friday.

  • It’s named after Woden’s wife, Frigg.

  • So, Wednesday, is Woden’s day.

  • Thursday is his son, Thor’s day.

  • Friday is his wife, Frigg’s day.

  • And the next two are two plants.

  • Saturn for Saturday.

  • Saturday?

  • Sounds like Santa day.

  • I know that Santa is a strange alien from another planet.

  • Not Santa.

  • Saturn.

  • Saturn is the sixth planet in our Solar System.

  • So, that’s why the sixth day of the week is called Saturday.

  • And the final day of the week is Sunday,

  • because every one hopes Sunday would be a sunny day.

  • Now, let’s review the days of the week together.

Hello, it’s me, Shaun. How’s your weekend?


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