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Hello, I’m Shaun.
Are you green today?
Are you looking at the plant on my shirt?
Are you wondering why I’m wearing it?
Well, that’s because today is Earth day.
Let’s go green together.
Go green?
You mean like climbing a mountain
or going somewhere called “green”?
Come on, let’s go Green.
Come on.Go!
Go Green, go.
Go Green, go.
Going green or being green means saving energy and the Earth.
There are lots of things you can do to help the Earth.
For example, turn off the light.
Who turns the lights off?
Sorry, it’s my fault.
I mean you can turn off the light when nobody is using it.
And also, taking a shorter shower can also save the world.
There are not as many water resources in the world as you might think.
So, use it wisely.
Mom, our teacher said taking a shorting shower can save the Earth,
so I’m not going to take a shower anymore.
Mom, I don’t care about the Earth anymore.
I want to take a shower.
Hey, kids, I’m saying take a shorter shower,
but make sure you have a shower every day, OK?
Another thing you can do is you can reuse the things that can be reused.
One cool thing you can do is to have a reuse competition in your home.
Mom, look. I use the newspaper to wipe the window.
This is your reward.
Peter, why does the water you gave me tasted strange?
Oh, because you’re using the water I reused from the AC.
Am I smart?
And there is one more thing you can do.
You can reduce the use of gas by taking a bus to school or riding a bike.
Or you can even walk to school some days.
Mom, I’m going to school on foot today. Bye.
Finally…I’m at school.
Oh, no, now I need a taxi.
I mean you can walk to school if your school is near your home.
If you can do these things every day, then, you will be very green.
It’s easy right? Let’s go green.


何嘉仁FunTube看世界【 Earth Day】

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