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- When I was in New York,
I got to visit my own pop-up shop at The Gap,
and it was filled with my Gap Kids and ED collection,
which was designed to empower girls everywhere
and to follow their dreams.
And I finally got to fulfill my lifelong dream
of working retail.
[audience laughter]
I'd done it before, but I just was seeing if I still had it.
It was a lot of fun.
[upbeat music]
[crowd cheering]
- Hi. - Hi.
- What's your name? - Natalie.
- Hi Natalie, I'm Ellen.
- I'm a big fan. - Oh, thanks.
I'm a big fan of yours. I love The Gap.
I want to know how to help people.
I want to walk around and say--
'Cause I used to be a salesperson.
I know how to sell clothes.
- Okay. - All right.
So I'll follow you, all right. - Okay.
Just want to shadow you.
Okay, so you tell me what we're gonna do.
[customers cheering]
Here, here's some orange juice. - Hi, hi.
in case you're--'cause you need to keep your blood sugar--
[laughter] You know,
you're--'cause--trying so many different things on.
- Okay. - Muffin?
- Okay, muffin? - Muffin, awesome, thank you.
- Here, let me hold your-- - My muffin?
- Put that in there. - Okay.
- It all goes in the same place anyway.
- Absolutely, absolutely.
- Oh, hi, can I help-- you're trying things on?
They're--they're long. Do you think they're long?
- They're a bit long. - Yeah.
- Probably should get something a little shorter.
- Yeah, they should be shorter.
[audience laughter]
I wish I had some smaller scissors,
but this is all the airline would let me get on.
[audience laughter]
- Thank you. - There you go.
You know what I like?
I like--so you have a choice.
You don't need to do both legs.
- Oh, yeah. - I think one leg is good.
You can have-- those are half off today.
[audience laughter]
Just gotta Swiffer. Sorry.
Am I in your way? I'm so sorry.
There we go. Sorry.
There we go.
There--I'm sorry, I'm getting right here.
I'm sorry.
Robert? - Yes?
- Is there anything else that you're trying on?
What size are you trying on?
- A 32-32.
- Robert wears a 32-32. [audience laughter]
Can I try some other pants, 32-32, for Robert?
Where do you live? - In Queens.
Robert lives in Queens, and he's a 32-32.
Are you single? - Uh, no, I'm not.
He is not single.
32-32, Robert, here's some more.
- Oh, great.
- Thank you. - Wait, no,
I'm gonna do it under.
Nope, over.
Nope, under.
No, over.
There. [audience laughter]
No, mm-mmm. Don't you know how to wear 'em?
- Oh, like this, okay. I get it now.
A lot of people don't know the new style yet.
It takes a while for things to get to New York.
It's like a cowl neck. - Yep.
- And so--but!
If all of a sudden you get shy--oh!
You know? [audience laughter]
Natalie, my work here is done.
I'd like now to go to my shop,
because I have the ED Gap Kids clothing.
- Okay. - Let's go, Natalie.
- Are we going to stay in the store?
- Let's go, let's go.
[upbeat music]
Hi! Hi, how are you doing?
You're buying the coolest stuff! Look at that!
Have you paid yet? - Pardon me?
Have you paid yet? - No.
- Don't pay.
Here's $300.
[girls squeal]
So they're--oh, they're making their own shoes and stuff.
Look at this!
Do you want me to help you?
Are you worried that I'm going to go outside the lines?
That's the whole point,
is that you get to do whatever you want to do.
Do you want me to draw, um-- just name something.
- A kangaroo! - All righty.
Here we go.
I didn't say I was good.
I just said, "Ask me to draw anything."
That's yours. That's a kangaroo.
Who's this gonna fit?
Anybody? Come on.
Adam. [indistinct]
Don't act like you don't want that!
No, it's girls and boys!
"Boy." - "Boy."
[music continues]
Okay, what I'm going to do is I'm going to trace you.
And we'll see how much you grow every time you come in here.
Don't move.
Okay, this is what you look like, Adam.
So--and of course, you-- you know.
That's you.
You're famous!
All right, I'm turning on music
so everyone here can have a dance party, okay?
[all cheering]
Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) plays]
All right, everybody, thank you so much!
all: Thank you!
[cheers and applause]
All right. [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]
We have to take a break, but when we come back,
I got you a little something from The Gap, y'all.
All right, it's time for your gift.
I want you all to check out
my Gap Kids and ED collection,
so you're all going to get a $150 gift card to go to Gap!
[cheers and applause]


Ellen Takes Over Gap

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