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These bathrooms are for the U of M Munger Graduate Residence. We're building 730 bathrooms.
The owners were 100% behind us on the prefabrication of these modular bathrooms. We've extended
it even further with the project with modular pipe racks, portions of the room are modular.
So they're seeing the benefit in not only cost and schedule but also safety-wise.
We've significantly cut down on the amount of waste. Not only is it a LEED project where
everything is sorted in terms of waste but we've cut down on waste in terms of even the
drywall we have the manufacturer cut it to our specific length. Even the plumbing is
going already cut to size. Areas on each floor haven't even been constructed
yet the bathrooms themselves are already built, already completed, ready to be installed.
So all that time is saved. So things are happening almost simultaneously.
Not having to deliver all this material makes it much easier on the trade contractors. They
can focus much more on quality of the product. With less workers on site in these small confined
areas things don't get damaged as easily. Things go in faster. Things go in better.
At the modular bathroom warehouse, it's all consolidated into one area.
With modular construction we simulate not just how all the internal components work
for a module but how these packages are safely and efficiently delivered to the jobsite.
Once the modular units are brought to site we actually simulate how they're brough off
the truck and lifted up the leave-outs and what the actual process is to get these into
the facility. So we take these construction assemplies and
look at the pinch points and what the realities are for workers to unload and deliver and
even how we might custom make crates to make sure they're safely placed at each location.
The quality of these bathrooms being done in modular fashion actually has better quality.
There's better quality control, there's better tolerances. No one would really know that,
you can't see it, it's not visually apparent. We know building them how much better they
are just because the controlled environment that they were built it in. But the student
moving in would never know the difference.


Modular Construction at University of Michigan

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