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  • At first glance, Apple’s new MacBook Pro looks a lot like the old one.

  • The TrackPad is the first indication that something’s different.

  • It’s hugetwice as big as the last version, and thankfully now with Force Touch.

  • If youre standing off to the side, youll spot the ports.

  • Two Thunderbolts on each side, clean and uniform, and the balance is once again restored for

  • the Apple aesthetic universe.

  • The key new feature is that the row of function keys now lost to obsolescence, in favor of

  • a thin, black, glossy strip.

  • The Touch Bar is frictionless.

  • You can run a finger across it with little effort.

  • It’s quick and responsive, reacting to multi-touch and the amount of pressure the user applies.

  • The Touch Bar also adapts quite quickly as you toggle between different apps.

  • The keyboard is similar to the latest MacBook, featuring an improved version of the Butterfly Switch technology.

  • It felt a little less soft, but unlike the trackpad, the company hasn’t quite mimicked

  • the old-school keyboard.

  • Also worth a mention are the speakers, which have been noticeably improved over the last version.

  • Theyre both louder and richer.

  • More on that, along with everything else, when review time rolls around.

At first glance, Apple’s new MacBook Pro looks a lot like the old one.


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新しいMacBook Proのファーストルック (First look at the new MacBook Pro)

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