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  • (bright music)

  • - From almost any point in Tokyo you can see

  • the Skytree, which stands 2,080 feet above the city.

  • That's twice the size of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Each level has a different theme.

  • Right now we're in the modern area.

  • Let's go check out the view.

  • Woah!

  • I can literally see all of Tokyo from here.

  • I can see the Asakusa Temple over here,

  • the Sumida River right there,

  • and the Rainbow Bridge in the distance.

  • I mean, this is the most spectacular view of Tokyo

  • you could ever imagine.

  • Now we're headed down to the glass floor.

  • This is gonna be a little scary.

  • Here we go!

  • Wow, we are so far up here.

  • Holy cow.

  • I have finally reached the highest observation point

  • at 451.2 meters.

  • Not only can I see Tokyo,

  • I can see up to 70 kilometers in the distance.

  • The Skytree is a must see.

  • You get a 360 degree view of the city,

  • something you will never forget.

  • (bright music)

(bright music)


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