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  • Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. Now in this clip I'm going to show you some other

  • ways to reduce the itching and the swelling from insect bites; particularly mosquito bites.

  • So here are some other ways you can do. You can use Caldyphen lotion; like for example

  • here I bought this in the local drug store. It contains Calamine in the ingredients. You

  • can also use it for you know poison ivy, besides insect bites, poison oak. It has several functions.

  • You can buy this probably not in this brand, there is several others out there popular

  • in the market to buy. Or you can use ice. So what you do for example is, let me demonstrate;

  • so imagine here is the insect bite and it's swollen up into a hive and it's very irritating

  • and itchy. So first thing you can do to is to relief, to get some relief from the symptoms

  • is to of course you know wash with soapy water around the area. Make sure that you clean

  • it and then you pat it dry, the soapy water. Then what you can do is after that to relief

  • some of the itchiness on the swelling could you some ice. What you can do is just rub

  • this over the inflamed area, or the swelling or itchy area. The coldness actually helps

  • to detract from the itchy and that horrible itchy and swelling sensation. So just rub

  • the ice over there. Now if you do that you can that, of course the ice melts, it's only

  • temporary. You can also use the Caldyphen and you just put a dab of that onto the bitten

  • area and just rub it in. That should give you some temporary relief anyway and to prevent

  • you from scratching cause that is what you should not do is scratch the itch and get

  • it infected and then you're going to get an infection in that area. So these are just

  • some more ways to be able to help reduce the symptoms from insect bites and bee stings.

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. Now in this clip I'm going to show you some other


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虫刺され・刺されの対処法:虫刺されの腫れを抑える方法 (How to Treat Insect Bites & Stings : How to Reduce the Swelling of an Insect Bite)

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