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Hola Foodtubers, I'm Omar Allibhoy and I'm very passionate about Spanish food.
I'm going to be cooking today a classic dish,
Tortilla de patatas - a Spanish Omelette
So I know it's only three ingredients. It's super simple, but it's about getting those three ingredients really right.
Over the years, I've been able to cook thousands of Spanish omelettes
This is the one that I found and it tastes the best.
We need a really hot pan as hot as you can get it. We're going to start pouring the extra virgin olive oil.
Be very generous please remember it's an oil that you will reuse again and again.
Half a litre of oil approximately
In a Spanish household where we cook Spanish omelettes day in day out.
This oil we just drain it, and we keep it in a bottle and we reuse it again probably five, six, seven times.
While the oil heats up I'm gonna thinly slice an onion and I'm going to add it in to the oil
the only ingredient that can give the sweetness to the omelette is the onion
I put the onion first because it if you do it as a second ingredient after the potato
He won't caramelize, he will become translucent but that's not the flavour that I'm looking for. Straight in.
Second ingredient the potatoes, nice waxy ones, Desiree, Charlotte these potatoes hold the shape better
three millimetres approximately not thinner, not thicker the right thickness so that they don't cook too slowly
neither they fry too quick. Okay add it in, sort of like three potatoes. Every ingredient has sugars
and a Spanish Omelette even though that you add salt to it it has to feel sweet
starting to get golden and the potatoes are still completely raw so I'm going to leave these for 10/15 minutes
until the caramelize properly and they release all of those sweet flavours that will get in to the egg later
so i've stir this potato sort of like two/three times they are nearly there
while this finishes I'm just going to break six eggs. It may look like a lot of eggs and a lot of potatos
but this only is going to serve 4-6 people. So this potato is now ready and you can see just by breaking through it
put the potatoes on top, drain the potatoes with the oil. Take a look at the onion
how wonderful, how caramelized, the potatoes nicely fried and now
these potatoes are the ones which I'm going to season with a bit of sea salt. Not whisking the egg,
give it a little mix. This has become quite warm and I just want the potato to soak a bit of the eggs
and all linger together. If you cook it too quickly it won't taste the same
and it may look like it's quite runny but after 15-20 minutes you'll see that it won't be
so i'm just going to cover it with aluminium foil and let it rest for 15 minutes
okay, this tortilla mix have been resting for 15-20 minutes, it's not that runny anymore
take a look it has sort of thicken up, all those burnt bits of the caramelisation of the onion has dissolve in the egg
I have a non-stick pan and all the tortilla mix goes inside then just we are just gonna leave it on high heat
for about ten minutes and then lower it down for about two minutes - we'll flip it and do exactly the same
it's been two, three minutes already and I'm just gonna check it's not sticking just by taking a spoon
through the sides and just by giving a little shake you'll see that the edges separate
and all I'm going to do is just to put a bit of pressure in to the plate and just flip it
really naturally, really simple and as you can see it looks nice and golden, all the edges are nicely cooked.
and I haven't stirred or anything this is not scrambled eggs and neither you put it in the oven by the way
I've seen all sorts of things done with Omelette. Always the plate much wider than the pan and just flip it
put the end of the omelette at the end of the plate and just slide it in
and let it cook again on high heat for a minute and low heat for a couple minutes
This tortilla - it's ready. How do I know? You just need to touch it like a steak and you see if it bounces or not
Otherwise you just need to pierce it with a knife, or a toothpick and see if it's still moist.
So now it's only the flipping part again. A bit of pressure on the plate, take the handle with strength
and just turn it around.
You'll have a good looking omelette so now the only way to see if it's properly cooked as we like it
is by cutting it in two
What a great recipe, still nice and moist in the middle so let's give it a taste
The centre is the best bit, to me it's like any good cheese really
That's perfectly cooked, really sweet. That's the caramelisation of the onion and potato
and you know what? It still tastes great whether it's later in the night or tomorrow - you can leave it and reheat it
it always tastes great actually
Now is when you can feel and see that the three ingredients, the egg, the potato and the onion
has come together in this beautiful tortilla. If you want a really nice drinks recipe to go with this Spanish omelette
click here, there is a lovely video of Jamie doing a Beer Michelada in Drinks Tube
Subscribe to Food Tube, it's free, and let me know in the comment box below what other Spanish recipes
you would like me to cook next time. Adios!
This recipe and loads more classic Spanish dishes are in my book: Tapas Revolution



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