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Vegas here we come!
I'm really starting to think I should never have agreed to this.
Here's the thing man...
Those Vegas money men, they are going to "eat up" the idea of a musical, David.
I know what I'm talking about.
You can sing, right?
Everybody can sing.
"Just the two of us!"
Kev, this is so painful.
"You and I!"
Talking about us.
Can I drive?
Yeah, you can drive Dave.
I'm going to post this and I'm going to say "Hot bod brothers."
Hold on, look at me.
Yeah, but do like a hot bod face. Like...
No, that doesn't look like a hot bod face.
Well, what kind of face do you want me to pull?
Who is that?
Oh, no.
The police, that's fine.
I'm sleeping, say I'm sleeping.
Because I have a lot of unpaid parking tickets in Philadelphia.
I'm talking about the bad stuff.
It's me. I'm not gonna...
You know what type of trouble you can get into for parking in the handicapped spot?
I'm out of here.
I'm going to tell him you're back there.
No you're not.
I am.
How can I help you, officer?
Would you mind stepping out of the vehicle, please, sir?
Hey, is everything...
Everything okay out here?
No way! I'm your number one fan.
Do you know this guy?
Yeah, he drives the bus.
He kind of operates the whole thing for me.
You've got a broken rear tail light back there.
You and me, take a photo.
And then we'll forget all about it.
Yeah, how about it?
Take a photo.
Yeah, he can take it.
I can't believe this.
Is that good?
Take another one, take another one.
Yeah, do another one.
Back up some. Back up!
You sure this guy's ok?
Yeah, he's ok.
Oh I'm sorry. Can you give us a count?
Because you're just snapping, we don't know when you're taking it.
This way so we can smile.
Count for it?
Two... three.
It's good.
Wait till I tell my wife...
I met THE David Beckham.
In the flesh.
Why don't you give your wife this for me?
Oh damn, unbelievable man... unbelievable.
Drive safe.
What? What are you mad about?
Don't be upset about it, those things happen.
Vegas, here we come!
Here it is. What does it say?
That said Mexico, not Vegas.
Where did you see that at?
You didn't see that big sign?
You know, this is actually like kidnapping.
No, kidnaping is when you tie somebody's hands up against their will.
Kev, you're lost.
Define lost...
Good night, Kev.
Good night.
What's all this stuff?
Dave, i'm sorry.
You weren't supposed to see it like this.
I was going to use this stuff for the presentation.
What's wrong with the face?
You don't like the face?
"Hello, I'm David Beckham."
It's almost life size.
Okay, not funny.
Dave, this is serious, man.
I'm going to sleep outside.
Maybe try that...
I like, I like that.
Do you mind?
Oh I'm sorry, Dave.
I thought I was helping you sleep better.
Harmonicas are known to soothe the mind...
What, oh!
Dave, you just saved my life, man!
I know, I know Kev.
Oh my god.
Oh, Kev...
Good night, Kev.
Hey Dave, I think you locked the door by accident.
Hey Dave, I don't know if it's a good idea to leave me out here because I don't know where you put the snake.
What are you doing?
Kev, I've got to get back.
What do you mean?
You're just going to leave like that Dave?
Kev, how can I say this?
You can't sing...
You can't dance...
That's ridiculous.
I don't even like musicals.
Close your mouth.
I've got to get back.
Don't talk like that!
Hey, stop!
No! No! No!
Wait! Wait! Wait!
No! No! No...
Kevin, did you forget the handbrake?
I have little feet so I couldn't get to the pedal.
My face is a little burned up.
"David Beckham..."
It still speaks.
It still speaks.
Watch your hands, it's hot.
Okay Kevin. Do you want to go to Vegas?
Thank you, Dave.
I forgot to put gas in the bike.
You forgot to put gas in the bike?
I forgot to put gas in the bike.
Hey Dave, I'm going to tell you something.
Maybe that bike not starting is the best thing that ever happened to us...
Because now we get to bond even more.
We were close, now we're gonna be closer.
Kev, do you mind just being quiet?
Well, we have a lot of time to do that, but I want to...
Just for ten minutes.
What, listen...



デビッド・ベッカム大後悔!お笑いケビン・ハートとの爆笑小旅行 (The Road Trip featuring David Beckham and Kevin Hart)

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Tim 2016 年 11 月 1 日 に公開    Yukiko 翻訳    Leonard チェック
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