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  • It was the MOST

  • fun

  • party... EVER!

  • Snacks galore...

  • They had a chocolate fountain,

  • an 8-foot meatball sub,

  • AWESOME music,

  • a conga line,

  • a Wii,

  • karaoke,

  • foosball...

  • It was MAGICAL.

  • I met the coolest guy in the WORLD.

  • We played bowling on Wii,

  • we ate nachos,

  • and we realized, we had the same tastes in like,

  • Everything...

  • We like the same color...

  • The same food...

  • The same movies!

  • BOTH: But the best one is Toy Story 3

  • Jinx! You owe me a coke....

  • Even the same taste in shoes...

  • Sneakers to a ball??

  • It's midnight, y'all!

  • Eek! I didn't have time for goodbyes! I made a run for it!

  • Byeeee!

  • I forgot to ask her name.

  • [groans] I always get something wrong!

  • By the time I got back to my limo,

  • It had turned back into a jack-o-lantern!

  • And Fryball back into a regular cat!

  • I was back into my regular clothes!

  • And somehow... I had ran right out of one of my sneakers...

  • With one shoe, and Fryball by my side,

  • I walked home...

  • The next day, there was a breaking news announcement from the Prince!

  • He had met a great girl at the ball who would make a great princess!

  • ...But he didn't know who she was!

  • I must find her. All I have is this--

  • this shoe!!

  • And I will canvas the land to find the foot that fits this sneaker!

  • I really think she might be the coolest girl in the whole world!

  • Say whaaat?

  • I was hanging out with the prince?!

  • Whoa, this was an interesting turn!

  • My stepsisters argued over which one of THEM it was...

  • It was great...

  • Little did they know, it was me!

  • But when the Prince and his prince-people came 'round to do the test fitting,

  • my stepmom sent me out back to wash the windows!

  • I watched as my stepsisters tried to squeeze their feet into my shoes!

  • Then... he saw me!

  • Hey!...

  • What about her??

  • Please, will you... try on this shoe?

  • KIDS: Yaaay!

  • It's you!

  • And that's when my stepmother and stepsisters SCREAMED and passed out!

  • They didn't handle shock very well...

  • [shrieking]

  • I'm um,

  • I'm Ron Charming.

  • Hi... I'm Cindy.

  • You owe me a coke!

  • Jinx!

  • You owe me ANOTHER coke!

  • Jinx!

  • Now you owe me aNOTHER coke!

  • That went on for quite a while...

  • And then, we lived pretty darn happily ever after from that day on!

  • I was a REAL Cinderella story!

  • And that's the end!

  • Thanks SO much for visiting.

  • Don't forget to come back and watch--

  • more stories, like that one!

  • See ya!

  • KIDS: Byeee see ya!

It was the MOST


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シンデレラ(後編)-ブックスィー先生とのストーリータイム(クールスクール (Cinderella (Part 2) - Story Time with Ms. Booksy (Cool School))

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