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*singing* da da duh da da duh da da duh duh
Today, I am trying on women's underwear.
Not just any lady's though... Victoria's Secret underwear.
I will not like this. This will not be over quickly.
Gimme dem panties.
Uh, actually, yeah, I fit into this pretty okay.
These are much lower than they appeared.
Let's take a look. *laughs* Oh my god.
I mean, you sorta like, spill a little on the sides and front.
There's no way for me to wear these without something popping out.
Uh, maybe if I tuck it up.
This is why girls are always picking it out of things.
You see that? You see that? See that? Like, how high it, like, makes my, like, butt seem to go.
MAN 1: Ooh! MAN 2: Yeah! MAN 3: I like the print.
Like, I imagine, the lower half of my butt just lightly hangs out of them very sexually.
*grunt* A lot of adjustment needs to be done in this one.
These are luxurious. They feel great!
The bottom of my cheeks are hanging out, in what I can only describe as, uh, like, reverse muffin top.
How's the back? OOH YEAH! Make my butt look goood!
Oh yeah! That's nice!
MAN 1: It's not going anywhere. Very tight. MAN 2: I can't stop rubbing my butt.
MAN 1: Look at that, no jiggle at all. MAN 2: I get to keep these right? Cause no one else is going to try 'em on.
Aw, hell no. Ohh HELL NO!
WOW! Whoa..
Where's the... where's the rest of it?
Oh my. This is going to completely disappear inside of me.
Oh, it feels like I'm putting on nothing.
MAN 1: Oh, it's right up my butt! MAN 2: Ooh, okay.
Ohh, this is too small. You guys got me one WAY too small.
Coverage on the front... minimal to none.
Because I can see EVERYthing.
You know how, like, side boob is a thing? We're getting like, side dick over here and it's really confusing.
Like, if this is my underwear, my balls are like, shmerrh.
MAN 1: Feels like somebody put some string in my butt. MAN 2: My ass is literally sucking them, like a vacuum.
No, my butt ate the fabric. It came, it saw, it conquered. It just snarfed it right up.
I wish you guys could've seen what they look like.
Clearly these were not made to accommodate... my shapes.
MAN 1: It was so comfortable. MAN 2: That one kind of hurt my balls.
You want your guy to look sexy? Don't put them in your underwear.
Ladies always say walk a mile in their shoes? I'll do you one better, I'll walk a mile in a thong! We'll have some severe chaffing from that but, I'll do it. Just to learn the struggle.


Guys Try On Ladies' Underwear For The First Time // Try Guys

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sannybafhn 2016 年 10 月 12 日 に公開
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