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  • *Upbeat folksy guitar plays*

  • Guys have it the best because they don't have their f***ing period.

  • You could just take your shirt off and, like, no one questions that.

  • Dudes, like, can revel in their farts.

  • I feel like I would like that.

  • Peeing anywhere is really just a possibility.

  • You could even be in the car and have to pee and work it out.

  • Oh, we have to, like, breast feed!

  • Oh my god, don't even get me started on reproduction.

  • You don't, like, push out, like, an 8 pound larva.

  • from, like, the lower part of your loins.

  • How did you luck out with that sh**?

  • Yeah, you have a penis. So that's really fun.

  • There is apparently, like, an orgasm gap and girls don't, like, get off as much.

  • You got a boner and things are gonna be happening pretty easily for you.

  • In. Out. Boom. That was great.

  • They don't have to worry about lingerie.

  • It goes up your bum bum crack and then you have to worry about that.

  • And then you can just do what you want and then you leave!

  • You're not gonna get pregnant.

  • Guys can drink more than girls, which is not fair.

  • I mean, I would love to drink as hard as a guy can.

  • If they get, like, too wasted, they don't have, like, 6 girls waiting, like, behind the bar to, like, take advantage of them.

  • Usually what they say is what they mean.

  • Bros will be bros.

  • I feel like it sucks for guys because there's so much pressure to, like, not be emotional.

  • You die earlier.

  • Not having boobs.

  • Plus, balls are really annoying, I bet.

  • Girls are probably really stressful for guys.

*Upbeat folksy guitar plays*


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女の子は男であることについての最高の部分を説明する (Girls Explain The Best Parts About Being A Guy)

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