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  • Hi there I'm Angela Oberer and I just got home from a cross country road trip.

  • I had a car in Los Angeles and I needed to bring it all the way across the country to Charlotte NC.

  • and that's just shy of 2500 miles. I know. So if you're not a trucker and you don't do this every day for

  • a living, and you're going to drive across the country, here are a couple of good ideas

  • that will bring you home safe and sound. First map out your trip. How many miles divided

  • into the number of days you are going to be gone. This is important, because it will help

  • you pace yourself mentally. Good idea #1 Before you leave, download free

  • podcasts from Itunes. There are thousands that will keep your mind alert while you are

  • driving, and who knows, you may learn some fun things during the ride.

  • Good Idea #2 Make sure you check the tire pressure and get an oil change before you

  • drive cross country. Good Idea #3 Make certain your windshield

  • wipers are working, don't be like me and wait until you get in the middle of a flash flood

  • and realize you should have replaced them. Good idea #4 get plenty of sleep before your

  • trip. You don't want to be the guy that causes accidents because you're fatigued.

  • Good idea #5 Eat light. You don't want to encourage a food coma while driving. And resist the

  • urge to drink sugary sodas and energy drinks along the way. They are loaded with calories

  • you won't need while sitting and driving for a few days. Stick with water and fruit, I

  • promise it will keep you alert while driving. Good Idea #6 Fill up with gasoline when you're

  • on half a tank, not when you're on empty. So much of the country looks like this, and

  • you can run out of gas and be nowhere near a gas station.

  • Good idea #7 If you are driving alone, stop the car and get out EVERY 90 MINUTES whether

  • you need to stop or not. Run around the car a few times, take some pictures, stretch your

  • legs, grab another piece of fruit and text a friend to let them know your whereabouts.

  • If you are traveling with someone else, now is a good time to switch drivers.

  • Good idea #8 When you pull over to sleep - the day time is safer than the night. Park near

  • other cars. If you have to stop at night, pull right under a street light.

  • Good Idea #9 Take an eye mask with you to block out the light and ear plugs to block

  • out noise while sleeping. Good Idea #10 Follow the rules of the rest

  • stops. Most provide clean restrooms and Flying J and Pilot have showers for a small fee.

  • (You will need to bring your own toiletries and towel.)

  • Good idea #11 Nobody lives at rest stops and gas stations. Except for the employees who

  • work there, everyone is just passing through. Like you, they are all tired, hungry and wary.

  • Be extra patient and kind when waiting in lines.

  • Good manners, good planning and following these good ideas will bring you home safe

  • and sound, and with stories to share.

  • It's a good idea.

Hi there I'm Angela Oberer and I just got home from a cross country road trip.


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ロードトリップサバイバルガイド - それは良いアイデアです。 (Road Trip Survival Guide - It's a Good Idea)

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