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  • Mister Perkins?

  • You must be Thomas Wolfe.

  • I'd prefer to get my rejections in the mail, but I wanted to meet you.

  • The man who first read Hemingway, ...F. Scott Fitzgerald...

  • and said: "Genius."

  • When every son of a bitch publisher in New York hates my book.

  • Mr. Wolfe, we intend to publish your book.

  • Ha!

  • Max, this is Mrs Bernstein.

  • Mister Perkins.

  • She is the first person that told me my writing was worth anything.

  • People are calling you a genius, god help you.

  • Now, I'm a Scribner's bestseller.

  • I deserve a little of the high life.

  • Max tells us you're working on a new book.

  • It's about America.

  • All of it!

  • I have it. A new book.

  • Bring it in guys!

  • Here you go.

  • We can do it.

  • How long?

  • Nine months, if you resist the temptation to add more.

  • I have to be able to add more.

  • The book is 5000 pages long.

  • Point taken.

  • Alright. Cut, cut, cut.

  • You've been working every night for two years.

  • You have any idea how it is to come home to an empty apartment every night?

  • I've lost him. To your husband.

  • Your daughters, they want their father back.

  • My job is what I do.

  • Two years, and the book is only a hundred pages shorter.

  • I bring you stuff rich, right from my gut!

  • You wouldn't do this to Hemingway, to Fitzgerald.

  • Stop it!

  • You of all people are just so damn scared to live

  • There are other ways to live!

  • God help anyone who loves you, Tom

  • because for all your millions of beautiful words, you haven't the slightest idea of what it means to be alive.

  • Max thinks he created me.

  • He crippled me. He deformed my work.

  • He made all your dreams come true.

  • He gave you a career.

  • Look what you've done to me.

  • You hurt me.

  • I can't turn my back on the work.

  • Make your choice, Tom.

  • Right now.

  • That's what we editors lose sleep over, you know.

  • Are we really making books better, or just making them different.

  • All my life, until I met you, I never had a friend.

  • You have no idea what I had to go through so I could look at you

  • and feel nothing.

  • A writer like Tom, I get one in a life time.

  • You get your daughters for the same life time.

  • There's one paragraph I have to add to the book.

  • - My god. - Have to!

  • You start adding paragraphs, we're sunk

  • This book is dedicated to Maxwell Everts Perkins.

  • The author hopes this book will prove worthy of it.

Mister Perkins?


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