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so here we're in austin texas
few days ago you texted to the associated press and said
I told her to go wherever she wants
Her meaning me
and now answer the questions
honestly and candidly
that is all I can say
those are your words ?
It's my words ! When we first met, a week ago today,
we agreed that there would be no holds barred,and they would be no conditions on
this interview and that this would be an open field
i think that is the best for both of us ! I agree
So here we go
open field
so let's start with the questions of people around the world have been
waiting for you to answer,and for now I'd just like a
or No , okay
this whole conversation we have a lot of time will be about the details
yes or no , did u ever take banned substances to enhance your
cycling performance
yes or no, was one of those banned substances EPO
did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling
performance ? YES
did you ever use any other banned substances like testosterone cortisone
or human growth hormone
yes or no
and all seven
of your tour de france victories
Did you ever take banned substances or blood dope
in your opinion was it humanly possible
to win the tour de france without doping seven times in a row
" Not " in my opinion
so when did you first start doping
we're done with this YES or NO
yeah , we're done these Yes or NO
you know i suppose earlier in my career there was
uh... cortisone and then
the EPO regeneration began
began when
for me or for......for you ... Um...
at mid-nineties
mid nineties


Entrevista a Lance Armstrong, preguntas "Sí o no"

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