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  • Alright we are out here in Portillo Chile

  • and I'm just going to do a test run

  • With this Session in my mouth

  • It's a HERO5 Session with the Karma Grip on my Head

  • and the Session will be in my mouth

  • so it's about the steadiest headcam you can do

  • without being a gimbal

  • and we'll just test side by side headcam mouthcam vs headcam gimbal

  • so let's see how she does

  • 2.7 4:3 in both cameras, we'll see

  • alright this is going to be an example of how well a GoPro gimbal works

  • because this is the chunkiest snow ever

  • that was a pretty good test

  • this is the slimiest thing I've ever had

Alright we are out here in Portillo Chile


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GoProジンバル比較 - カルマグリップ (GoPro Gimbal Comparison - Karma Grip)

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