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  • So Elliot's just taking a shower.


  • What he doesn't know, is that last night, I took his clothes, his shower towel and his boxer shorts

  • put them in the tumble dryer with one of these.

  • If you don't know what it is, it's a stinging nettle. The moment you touch one of these they itch and they kill.

  • (AAGH!)

  • Elliot, I'm sorry Bro!

  • Why are you recording?

  • Because I could hear you screaming Eliot, I actually...

  • ...Have you seen my back?

  • What do you... what?

  • What is it?

  • It was not there two days ago!

  • What the hell?

  • Elliot you've got...

  • And it's really itchy!

  • Look at my chest!

  • What's these lumps?!

  • I don't know Eliot! You've clearly got some infection or something!

  • I haven't slept with anyone!

  • I didn't mean...

  • They're on my bum!

  • They're even on my dick!

  • Put it away Elliot! Put it away! That's disgusting!

  • (Inaudible) I am covered in this rash!

  • Elliot what the heck are you doing now?

  • (Inaudible) Ben.

  • And I don't like that you're recording me.

  • What are you doing?!

  • Elliot what are you doing?!

  • Shut up!

  • -Elliot what are you doing?! - Shut up!

  • I'm itching!

  • Elliot!

  • Oh mate! It's getting worse! Stop it's getting worse!

  • Tell me something I don't know Ben!

  • Elliot you've probably got fleas from Norman or something.

  • Norman's got fleas.

  • Obviously! He's a cat!


  • Elliot

  • Elliot stop! You can't...

  • Marge. Norman's given me fleas, you piece of shit!

  • Get him out here NOW!

  • That bloody cat has given me fleas!

  • Now get off!

  • Elliot, what the heck are you doing?!

  • Scratching my back!

  • No! I just bought them last week!

  • What? A pair of old football boots?

  • They're signed by Gareth Bale you donk!

  • Well he bloody watches your videos, doesn't he!

  • I don't know! What does that matter Eliot?!

  • He's Welsh!

  • Elliot stop! This is too expensive!

  • Well Ben! Look at me!

  • Elliot what are you doing now?!

  • Burning my stuff

  • What?

  • Burning my stuff!

  • Why are you burning it?

  • Elliot why... what you?

  • Cause I've got fleas!

  • Elliot you just washed them!

  • Fleas have sex and they multiply!

  • This is stupid Elliot you don't just do that.. WOAH! Jeepers Elliot!

  • He's cooling down!

  • What are these?

  • Are they stingies?

  • Shit!

  • Why have you put them on me?

  • Cause you haven't got fleas you dunk! Elliot I put the stingies with your clothes in the tumble dryer!

  • BEN!

  • Wait... what? You mean I just threw out half my wardrobe because of stingies?!

  • I put those in there as well Elliot!

  • Shit!

  • Elliot! AAGH! You gave me a... Elliot!

  • Stop recording!



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ベン・フィリップス - ケチなパンツ (Ben Phillips - Stingy Pants)

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