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  • You continue with the work that you want to do to try and find out the truth about Lance


  • Armstrong or at least portray that to the general public and for people to realise who


  • he is, he goes on to win 7 tour de France, he retires, he makes a comeback, he becomes


  • so powerful and so big, there must have been a point where you started to think is you


  • know is this person too big, too powerful with too much money to ever be toppled almost.


  • Yes I have to say I always felt he was too big to be toppled. If you said to me did you


  • see the end coming as it came, no I didn't, I absolutely didn't because in 2001 I found


  • out that he was working with Michele Ferrari doping doctor, should that have not made a

    彼はミケーレ ・ フェラーリ ドーピング ドクターと一緒に働いていたこと、それをしていない必要があります

  • big difference, it should, did it, no. Lance said I believe Michele's an honest man and


  • a lot of the journalists said well that's ok then Lance believes he's honest, David

    ジャーナリストの多くは、よくそれを言ったとランスは彼を信じています's okその後、彼's正直、デビッド

  • wrote Lance believes he's honest then what David Walsh said is interesting but not that

    ランスは、彼が信じていると書いた デビッド-ウォルシュが言ったことは興味深いですが、それではなく、彼は正直です。

  • relevant. So i come up with Emma O'reilly and she says I was Lances masseuse there was


  • doping in the team and I put that in a book with Pierre Ballester and people say you know

    チーム内でのドーピングのことを ピエール・バレスターの本に書いたんだけど みんなが知ってると言ってた

  • what Emma Reilly's just one witness may be a bitter ex employee and then I go to Betsy


  • Andreu she heard him admit using doping Oh shes a bitter wife of a team mate and Lance

    アンドリューは彼がドーピングを認めたのを聞いた ああ 彼女はチームメイトとランスの苦い妻だ

  • had a way of diminishing all the people who spoke against him and I suppose the bit that

    彼に不利なことを言った人たちをすべて 矮小化する方法を持っていたし

  • really frustrated me was the readiness of so many to accept Armstrongs totally implausible


  • explanations, to accept the fact that he felt he could carry to assassinate anybody who

    誰でも暗殺できると思っていたという事実を 受け入れるために

  • spoke against him and I found that depressing it was like If you were a big guy you could


  • say whatever you like about other people and the journalists who should have been challenging


  • you didn't challenge you and were prepared to let you get away with it.


  • 13 years obviously is a long time to pursue one person almost or one subject, do you feel


  • like it's closed now for you?


  • Yer I think it is pretty much closed and people you know because I was on this case for a


  • long time I feel I've got exaggerated credit for it really I mean if you want to know how


  • Lance armstrong was brought down you need to look at Lance Armstrong not David Walsh


  • because although Lance was a smart guy I think his smartness was more the analytical type


  • of intelligence, I don't think he was emotionally intelligent. He didn't realise that Floyd


  • Landis would constitute a very dangerous enemy, so when Floyd Landis got banned after 2006


  • Tour de France and came back and is looking, is reaching out to Lance for some help and

    ツール ・ ド ・ フランスと戻ってきたし、探している、いくつかの助けのためのランスに手を差し伸べています。

  • Lance says basically get lost you're a loser you were caught. Lance made an enemy of a


  • guy who is incredibly dangerous because Floyd is tough, he's hard and when he takes his


  • gloves off he's a formidable fighter. So Floyd took the gloves off, wrote about what


  • life was like in the US postal team and because maybe people like me had created a lot of


  • doubt about Lance Armstrong then you had people like Travis Tygart, the united states anti

    ランス・アームストロングを疑っていたら トラビス・タイガートのような人がいましたよね?

  • doping agency CEO you had people like Jeff Novitzky who was conducting an investigation


  • into doping in cycling. They were listening to Floyd because in a way maybe what I had

    サイクリングのドーピングに彼らはフロイドの話を聞いていました なぜなら、ある意味では、私がしたことは

  • done had created enough doubt for Floyds allegations to have a huge amount of credibility, but


  • Floyds allegations were the turning point in this story and from that moment on we had


  • entered the end game, and it was going to end very good for the truth and very badly


  • for Lance Armstrong.


  • Do you think that had he not come out of retirement, back in 2009 that we might not be sat here


  • talking about the same subject because things might not have come out?


  • Totally, if he hadn't rid-, if he hadn't made his comeback in 2009 there is no way

    完全に、もし彼がいなかった場合は、 rid-、もし彼がいなかった場合は、2009年にカムバックした方法はありません。

  • in the world that he would have been caught in my eyes, but it's like you know we've


  • all watched Hollywood movies right, the guy has been the greatest bank thief in the history

    ハリウッド映画を見たことがある人なら誰でも知っているだろう あいつは史上最大の銀行強盗だ

  • of robbing banks and he's accumulated a lot of money and he goes into retirement and


  • he's living a nice sedate life and somebody comes along and says you know there's one


  • last job that you should consider doing, and for Lance Armstrong coming back in 2009 was


  • that one last job, couldn't resist it, I believe he did it for the money, that he felt


  • he needed some extra money before finally going into retirement, but he was lured by


  • that one last job, one last adventure, and it's, it's you know the history of Hollywood


  • is littered with movies that have bored us with guys coming out of retirement for one


  • last job and Lance was just you know another of that genre.


You continue with the work that you want to do to try and find out the truth about Lance


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