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- My freshman year of high school makeup look,
I would just go dark gold, gold on both sides
and then walk into my history class and be like,
(upbeat music)
- Now we're gonna put little baby products
all over our face.
- This is us: naked and afraid.
- Everyone that we saw do this on youtube
are like complete experts.
They're all really, really good at makeup.
We are not makeup artists.
We have no formal training.
- We are regular people.
- I'm a (bleep) princess.
- So let's get started.
- When I was a kid, Claire's was in,
to get your ears pierced there, but that was pretty much it.
- This BB cream is from Claire's.
It's the only shade they offer.
- They only have one shade?
- Who is this aimed at?
- Cute little white girls.
- This is from Icing.
- This one's like not your color.
- This is also not my color.
- Evens out complexion and conceals imperfections.
- It kinda makes me look sickly a little bit.
- Is this good?
- I would wear this as an adult.
I don't really see how this is for kids.
- This already just looking crazy on my skin.
- You're faster than I am.
- I just didn't do it right.
- This is like a tennis ball.
This beauty blender.
- Where's the blush?
Shimmer bronzing powder.
Is that just fancy for blush?
- This is like also kind of a highlighter.
- I was just gonna say, this is giving me more highlighter
than bronzing blush.
- See, this is for children, because it's supposed to
make you look like Mary Poppins or like
little had a little lamb.
Whoa, that's not a word.
- You're incredibly sparkly.
- Kristen, if you were Asian, I'd say you
have an Asian glow right now.
She's not though, we understand the difference.
- This Claire's palette I'm kind of in love with.
It's so nice.
- [Girl In Black Dress] It's beautiful.
- I'm gonna use this shimmery beige eye shadow
on my eyes, because it's sorta similar
to the color I usually use.
- When I was a kid, I had art kits that looked like this.
- I'm so torn between this lime green eye shadow
and everything in this palette.
- This darth mall spongey thing, I remember.
And I used to use this all the time.
- You guys ever play pretty, pretty princess growing up?
- Yes.
- Yeah!
- I'm just gonna reinvigorate my life with some yellow.
Oh, hello.
Nope, just kidding.
Oh, yep.
Nope, wait.
- I never understood that getting a black ring
meant you lost pretty, pretty princess.
- Oh, that's what that meant?
- Yeah.
(record scratching)
- I don't think I ever played a game correctly
in my whole childhood.
- I already feel like a unicorn.
- You are a unicorn.
- It's not a color that I would wear,
but it's not a color that I hate having on.
- I need more purple.
I need more intense purple.
It's not enough purple.
- There's so much glitter just around my eyeballs.
- How old were you when you got your first boyfriend?
- Well I had a boyfriend in kindergarten.
- Me, too.
He was white.
- Same!
(both laugh)
- Now I'm just like embracing what this is.
I was trying to fight the fun.
- Don't fight the fun.
- No, don't fight the fun.
Let's put some blue on my (bleep) face.
- For some reason using kids' makeup make me feel
okay about experimenting with colors
and having a bit more fun.
- So in order to get any type of color,
you have to press really hard,
but that means precision just goes out the window.
- I'm really pleased with the way my brows are coming out.
- I wonder how Kristen and Jen are doing.
- (bleep) Ah!
- [Kristen] Are you okay?
- It really hurts.
- My gosh, tropical sunset.
- I'm like wearing a black maxi dress
like sweeping through the halls like death herself.
And I'm like, on my face it's like, "It's vacation time!"
- Whoa, this smells like alfredo pasta.
- Oh, this smells like super glue.
- Oh, that's really weird.
Smells like sharpies, so I'm not sure.
I don't know where you're getting pasta from.
- Okay Kristen, well, who's the Italian here?
- You are huffing glue right now.
- I also never do lips, so how do you?
Do you purse or do you keep open?
- You do like this color, but now I'm nervous
about my tropical look.
- I will say all the makeup tastes pretty good.
- Mm, that tastes like grape.
- Wow, I could be the first lady of the United States.
- I look like a holiday Barbie from the 80s.
- This is a lot of fun.
This was like the most fun I've had in awhile.
- This was the childhood sleepover I never had.
- I appreciate the chance to be able to just be like,
you know what?
There are a bunch of colors and they belong here.
- I feel like we started of rocky with the BB cream,
just because they didn't have a variety of shades,
but we worked with it, we worked through it.
- Definitely pleased with how pigmented everything was.
Pleased with how pigmented our brow powder,
our eye shadows, our blushes were.
- We came here to have fun.
- We did.
- And to look delightful, and we accomplished
both of those goals.
Like a little box of fishes.
Like a delightful little angel in the back
of the cereal box.
Might just pluck you off the shelf myself,
take you home with me, put you in my cart.
We're going on our way.
- [Kristen] Oh my God, I'm so happy.
- [Jen] Delightful little angel.


Women Try The Kids' Makeup Challenge • Ladylike

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