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- Is it focused on me?
- [Voiceover] Yeah.
- Should I say, like, "Hi, we're in Chicago?"
- [Voiceover] Sure.
- Hi! (laughs)
We're in Chicago.
I'm here with Adam.
Adam, say hi.
- Hello!
- And (laughs) I'm here for the...
Can you focus it on me?
I'm here for the New Years.
And I just got in; I rode a train.
It was fun, but now Adam is taking me to...
I'm up here.
To the Bean.
What else are we doing?
- [Adam] Topshop. - Topshop.
- [Adam] Maybe some ice skating.
- We might go ice skating.
The world's our oyster.
2013, ringing it in, or...
- [Adam] Ringing in 2014. - There we go.
- Well, this video's off to a good start.
- [Adam] You want a little (mumbles)?
- [Tyler] (laughs) Stop!
Stop it!
Is it on?
So, we're here at the Bean!
Is that what it's actually called, though?
- [Adam] Yeah. - [Tyler] Oh.
- [Adam] It's called "Cloud Atlas" or something.
- That's a movie.
Welcome to Chicago!
Okay, so we just got drinks and foods.
Adam, say hi. - Hey, again.
- [Tyler] Adam, tell them how we know each other.
- Tyler and I met at telemarketing
at Michigan State University.
- We were telemarketers together our freshman year
of college at Michigan State, and...
- I got written up.
I was thinking about that.
- [Tyler] You got written up? - [Adam] Yeah.
At the very end.
- [Tyler] That's funny.
- Can I mention names? - [Tyler] No!
(both laugh)
- I was number one telemarketer in the room for a week.
For a long time I was in the top 10,
but that one week I was number one.
And then how do we know each other, Adam?
- Um...
We hung out on St. Patrick's Day.
- [Tyler] (laughs) Wait, are you going into that story?
Yeah, actually, tell that story.
Where were we?
- We were at the Jewish frat.
- So, there we were.
There we were at AE Pi, the Jewish frat.
Adam? - And I was stealing...
I just kept telling them that I was planning on rushing.
I think rush had already ended, because I don't drink beer.
And... (Tyler laughs)
- [Tyler] This story is terrible.
- So, I just got all the frat guys to give you free drinks.
- [Tyler] Okay, that doesn't answer the question
of how we know each other.
Telemarketing, we already answered that.
- [Tyler] And then?
- And then, we started dating.
- [Tyler] That's clearly how we know each other!
You act like that's a surprise to you.
- [Adam] Then we took a brief hiatus, and then...
- We dated for like a year.
But we were young.
We were how old and dumb.
I had just turned 18, 19?
- [Adam] I guess, 19, yeah.
- We were 19, young and dumb.
- [Adam] And five years ago, we spent New Years
together in my hometown.
- [Tyler] Oh my god, wait!
Remember the wedding?
(Adam laughs)
We went to a wedding in Marquette, Michigan,
and the ball dropped in the middle of town.
It's this little po-dunk town in the upper peninsula.
And we spent it together five years ago?
That was five years ago?
- [Adam] I think so, I was thinking about that.
Sophomore year? - [Tyler] Wow.
- 2008?
- [Tyler] Time flies. - 2009?
- So, now we're spending New Years together in Chicago.
'Cause I was in Michigan, and nothing was going on.
So, I figured, why not go to Chicago,
because Adam's there.
And so, here we are.
- Bye. (Tyler laughs)
(overlapping chatter)
- All right, so we're 20 seconds 'til the New Year.
2013 was really good, 2014...
- [Crowd] Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one!
Happy New Year!
(inhales deeply)
Happy New Year.


New Years Eve 2013 in Chicago

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