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  • One of the reasons it's so difficult to study the relationship between diet and cancer

  • is because many dietary behaviors are associated with non-dietary behaviors.

  • For example, the reason we used to think coffee-drinking caused cancer

  • was because people who drink coffee are more likely to have a cigarette in the other hand.

  • When you factor that out though, for example, by looking at just non-smokers who do or don't drink coffee,

  • we find that if anything, coffee consumption may reduce the total cancer incidence;

  • not by much, but overall, according to the latest review, an "increase in consumption of one cup of coffee per day

  • was associated with about a 3% reduced risk of cancers, especially bladder cancer, breast cancer,

  • mouth, colorectal, endometrial, esophageal, liver, leukemia, pancreatic, and prostate cancers".

  • Coffee beans aren't really beans.

  • But one is, after all, just soaking a powdered seed in some water.

  • So a reduction in cancer risk?...not that surprising!



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コーヒーと癌 (Coffee and Cancer)

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