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Hey, Shaun, how’s it going?
I’m great, thanks, and you?
I’m great.
Hey, do you know what day it is today?
No, I mean, do you know what special day it is today?
Let me think…
Oh, yeah, it’s October 31st.
So, that means it’s Halloween, right?
Yep! You got it!
Hey, I know.
Do you want to hear a really funny Halloween joke?
Your jokes are always terrible, but OK, let’s hear it.
What is a ghost’s favorite color?
I don’t know. What is a ghost’s favorite color?
BLUE! (Boo)
Got you!
So, what is a ghost’s favorite color?
That’s not the point.
Never mind.
Anyway, what are you going to do tonight for Halloween?
I don’t know. I just heard people wear cool and scary clothes and eat lots of candy.
Yeah, that’s right. Kids would usually dress up in costumes,
and then go to people’s houses and go trick-or- treating.
What is “Trick-or-Treat?”
Trick-or- treat is you go to someone’s house,
knock on the door and when they open, you say “TRICK OR TREAT.”
And then, they will give you candy.
What if they say “trick”, then what should I do?
Well, you can do things to get other people’s attention.
Like you can sing, dance like this…
but because nobody ever says trick.
You can imagine nobody says that.
So, everybody says treat then, I guess!
Yeah, that’s right. The treat is the candy.
That sounds awesome.
I can’t wait to try it later.
Do you want to join me?
Yes, sure. I can’t wait.
So, what are you going to get dressed up as?
I’m not sure. What can I do?
Well, you could try one of these costumes.
Shaun, look at me. I’m like a real witch.
What about you, Shaun?
I’m here. Can you give me a hand!
What happen to you?
Are you hurt?
No…I’m just trying to be a mummy.
you’re Shaun,
then who is the guy behind you?
I don’t know. Don’t scare me.
You didn’t tell me the answer.
What’s a ghost’s favorite color?
I really don’t know…
It’s BLUE. (Boo)


何嘉仁 FunTube看世界 【Halloween】

3618 タグ追加 保存
Hess 2016 年 9 月 29 日 に公開
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