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  • - Hey you guys, so lately i've been noticing a trend

  • while alot of people have been saying "That Akward Moment" this or

  • "That Akward Moment" that and, alot of the time it's not even akward.

  • They are like "That akward moment with Justin Bieber doesn't reply to

  • my tweet's." That's not akward, that's very normal, he has alot of

  • things to do, he has alot of friends. Okay.

  • - Hey Mom.

  • I am so sick and tired of people contribuating to that stupid saying.

  • - Oh, oh [both talking at the same time]

  • - I'm just saying, i think it's fine being gay.

  • - Hey doll, you'r looking really pretty right now.

  • - [both saying] Hey what's up man? Oh.

  • - it was great seeing you take care. -Yaeh see you.

  • - Hey you, you are a really good looking hand.

  • That's really mean.

  • - Hey man, i made just made a new shirt, and i got one for you.

  • - Ahh, thanks, bro.

  • - Auhh!!

  • - Oh, hey man.

  • - Really bro? You watch your own videos?

  • - Dude, that pretty.. That's pretty lame dude.

  • - Wow! At least i'm not wearing my own shirt.

  • - I mean, i was doing the laundry and it was just.. [mumbles]

  • [both laughs]

  • - Okay, so maybe i exaggerated just a little bit.

  • But the thing is akward things happens to everyone it's just a matter

  • How you react to it. Don't feel imbarest. Own it. Laugh at it. Enjoy

  • it. And you will never have another akward situation again.

  • - TEHEE (Akward)

  • - Bro, you already made a video about akwardness?

  • - Uh.. Yes, you told me you saw it.

  • - Well yaeh, yaeh, right when uhm.. Yaeh, i forgot, it was a really

  • good video.. and.. uh.. Captain Winding and.. Good...

  • - What time is it, it's like seven allwready?

  • - You din't watch my video.

  • - I did not.

- Hey you guys, so lately i've been noticing a trend


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その気まずい瞬間 (That Awkward Moment When)

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