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  • This is the Honey Badger.

  • Watch it run in slow motion.

  • It's pretty badass, look, it runs all over the place.

  • "Woah! Watch out!" says that bird.

  • Ew! Its got a snake?!

  • Oh! It's chasing a jackal!

  • Oh my gooooosh!

  • Oh, the Honey Badgers are just CRAAAZY.

  • The Honey Badger has been referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records

  • as the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom.

  • It really doesn't give a shit.

  • If its hungry, its hungr-EW, whats that in its mouth!?

  • Oh, its got a cobra? Oh, it runs backwards?

  • Now watch this: Look! A snake's up in a tree.

  • Honey Badger don't care!

  • Honey Badger don't give a shit! It just takes what it wants.

  • Whenever it's hungry it just- EW and it eats snakes?

  • Oh my god, watch it dig! Look at that digging.

  • The Honey Badger is really pretty badass.

  • They have no regard for any other animal what-so-ever.

  • Look, he's just grunting and- EW, eating snakes?

  • EW, whats that a mouse? ...Oooh, that's nasty!

  • Oh, they're so nasty.

  • Ooh, look! It's chasing things, and eating them.

  • The Honey Badgers have a fairly long body,

  • but a distinctly thick set, broad shoulders,

  • and you know, their- their skin is loose allowing them to move about freely, and they twist around.

  • Now look, here's a house full of bees.

  • You think the Honey Badger cares? It doesn't give a shit!

  • It goes right into the house of bees to get some larvae.

  • How disgusting is that? It eats larvae! Ew, thats so nasty.

  • But look, the Honey Badger doesn't care, its getting stung like a thousand times.

  • It doesn't give a shit. It just- it's hungry.

  • It doesn't care about being stung by bees!

  • Nothing can stop the honey badger when it's hungry.

  • Oh, what a crazy fuck, look!

  • Ew, it's eating larvae, that's disgusting!

  • There it is, running in slow motion again, see?

  • Now whats interesting is that other animals, like these birds here,

  • they just like to wait around until the Honey Badger's done eating,

  • and then it swoops in to pick up the scraps!

  • It says, "You do all the work for us, Honey Badger, and we'll just eat whatever you find."

  • "How's that, what do you say, stupid?"

  • Look at this bird. "Thanks for the treat, stupid!"

  • "Hey come back here." says the Honey Badger.

  • Birds don't care. and you know what? The Jackals do it too.

  • Look at these little dogs.

  • They're like, "Thanks, stupid! Thanks for the mouse! See you later!"

  • The Honey Badger does all the work while these other animals just pick up the scraps.

  • At nighttime, the Honey Badger goes hunting, 'cause it's hungry.

  • Look! Here comes a fierce battle between a king cobra and a Honey Badger.

  • I wonder what'll happen?

  • Look at this: there's the Honey badger just eating a mouse...

  • and then look! "Get away from me!" says the snake. "Get away from me!"

  • Honey Badger don't care! Honey Badger smacks the shit out of it!

  • And the snake comes back, and it lashes right out at the Honey Badger

  • Oh! Little does the Honey Badger know, FYI, it's been stuunngg!

  • Its been bitten! By the snaaake!

  • So while its eating the snake, EW- that's disgusting!

  • Meanwhile, the poisonous venom is seeping through the Honey Badger's body,

  • and it passes out. Look at that sleepy fuck!

  • Now the Honey Badger's just gonna pass out for a few minutes,

  • and then its gonna get right back up and start eating all over again

  • 'cause its a hungry little bastard!

  • Look at this! Like nothing happened!

  • The Honey Badger gets right back up and continues eating the cobra!

  • How disgusting!

  • And of course, what does it have to eat for the next two weeks?

  • Cobra!

  • The Honey Badger.

This is the Honey Badger.


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クレイジー・ナスティアス・ハニー・アナグマ(オリジナル・ナレーション:ランドール (The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall))

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