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  • Feeling a little ...

  • ... at sea?

  • Then join me as we check out the who, when, what, and where of this truly ancient poem.

  • Who: One of the first things you'll want to know about Beowulf is that it's not attributed

  • to any particular author. It's a product of oral traditionpassed down through the centuries.

  • In fact, you know all that Christian stuff in the poem? Most scholars think that was

  • added to the poem later.

  • When: That would be the late fifth century when the poem is set, and between the seventh

  • and tenth centuries when it was composed. Again, this helps explain the fact that both

  • Christian and pagan beliefs are represented in this poem. It's set in a pagan time but

  • it has the benefit of Christian narrators from a few centuries later.

  • What: Yeah, yeah. You know it's an epic poem, but did you know it's one of the foundational

  • works of poetry in English? It's also partly imagined and partly historical. Like, some

  • of these characters actually existed.

  • Where: The poem was written in England, but it's set in Scandinavia. For example, the

  • land of the Geats is what is now southern Sweden. Check out this map to get your geographical

  • footing.

Feeling a little ...


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