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  • It's a Good Idea with Angela Oberer

  • Be on Time Tip #618

  • Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer and I just had a conversation with a lady who got fired from

  • her job for consistently being one minute late for work.

  • And she wanted to know if I had any good ideas for her getting her job back, because if you

  • add up all the minutes she was late, it was a total of like 14 minutes.

  • Now she works a lot of overtime for the company, and she's certainly made up the 14 minutes.

  • So it's really no big deal right? It is SUCH A BIG DEAL that I thought I would

  • stop and give a shout out to all my friends of you who are chronically late for work and/or

  • appointments. Hi there. ;-)

  • The good news is the problem is curable, and the bad news is it's not about the minutes at all.

  • Sure there are logistical reasons why companies

  • run on a schedule, like the doctors appointments, and the airlines. And those reasons are so

  • obvious we won't even go there. And yes, time is money, and the more money

  • you have, the more valuable your time is. That is also true.

  • But the reality is this, and this is the reason you can not be late:

  • There's an unspoken test that says: "When you are late, I cannot count on you."

  • Let's say that we are going to meet at 10:00 and I show up at 10:00 and you don't show...

  • I can't count on you. Now sure, it's just a stupid coffee chat,

  • and it probably doesn't really matter if you don't show right?

  • But if I can't count on you when it doesn't matter, I KNOW I can't count on you when it does.

  • Now from infancy, we are looking for people

  • in our lives we can count on. It's a survival skill.

  • We put people through tests every single day of our lives, that say: "Can I count on you?"

  • And being on time is one of those tests. People put us through those same tests every

  • day and we put other people through that same test every day. And the answer is always the same.

  • If you are on time, you can be counted on, if you are late, you cannot be counted on.

  • It's the same answer to that test. Okay? Every day that you show up for work, your

  • company is asking: "Can I count on you?" And every single day that you are late you are

  • saying No, you cannot not.

  • And this goes way beyond you just being: "I'm disorganized, and I don't value my time, and

  • I don't respect yours." This is basically saying: "Any distraction can interrupt my

  • reliability, you can't count on me." Right? So try getting a raise from a company that

  • can't count on you, in fact, just try keeping your job.

  • There will be times, there will be times, when you are late.

  • That's when you pick up the phone and you call and you go: "Hey, it's Angela and I'm

  • running five minutes late." Because for five minutes, there is someone

  • on the other end of that call saying: "Can I count on you? Please, please, please give

  • me a reason to forgive you and believe that I can."

  • That phone call is yes, maybe I can. So choose to be on time.

  • Choose to be counted on. Choose to pass that test.

  • I'm telling you, it is a good idea.

  • Now that's a good idea.

It's a Good Idea with Angela Oberer


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The Real Reason You Can't Be Late - It's a Good Idea

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