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Now we're going to cover the bodice of our Barbie, of our princess doll cake. Take a
bit of the blue fondant that you've set aside and dust your board or your work surface with
a little bit of confectioners sugar. And with a smaller rolling pin, you want to roll out
a piece about this size, enough to go around the Barbie. And about an eighth to a quarter
inch thick. To avoid getting her hair messy with confectioners? sugar and other decorating
things, I'm just going to wrap it with some plastic, just to keep that out of the way.
Now put her arms straight up over her head and we'll place the fondant right on the plastic
body, as far up, and wrap that around. You can use a knife to cut under the arms; just
cut out a piece then you can smooth it out. Try not to handle it too much because you
get fingerprints.
And then you can measure and just trim off the ends like that. And then, we'll turn her
over and just kind of smooth it flat in the back. Okay, now she's ready to put on the
cake. And we'll give her some sleeves later while she is on the cake. To place her into
the cake, you just pierce her right through the center like this. And now, if you want,
we can make some extra pieces to go over her shoulders or you can make and put some strips
here to go over her shoulders. And, if it's not sticking, if the fondant's a bit little
dry and it's not sticking, just use a tiny bit of water, just a tiny, tiny amount and
that will act as glue. And if you want a longer sleeve, you can roll out a little more fondant,
or if you want a puff sleeve, you could make a little ball like this and just mold that
over her shoulder. And you can use the end of a knife to put some little ruffles and add that to her shoulder and just kind
of pinch it in with a knife. And that gives her a pretty puff sleeve. And you can continue
adding any kind of details you want with the fondant.
And just pinch together so you can, the fondant is very easy to work with. It's like modeling
and just work it until you're happy with what you've got.


Decorating a Princess Doll Cake : Making Fondant Clothes for a Princess Cake

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