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Don't vote.
No, seriously.
Do not vote!
What's the point??
It's not like elections are important or anything.
Who cares about education?
The economy or teachers or even students?
California has been a financial crisis for years.
Why vote? Students don't vote anyway.
Why start now? Students don't care.
Who cares about tuition hikes? College is still pretty cheap. Right?
Whatever! Don't vote!
Don't vote.
Don't vote.
It's not worth it.
It doesn't even matter.
We can't really make a difference so...don't vote.
So don't vote.
So don't vote!!!
Yeah, it's pointless, right?
Unless you really care and wanna make a difference.
If you care about your education
and your future. Or if you're just tired of
seeing the same things year after year. If you believe that
everyone deserves the right to seek an affordable education
and that school should be a top priority. If you care about teachers, police,
firefighters, students, parents,
everyone, you should really vote. Maybe it's time to step up
and use your right to vote. People have died just for the right to vote.
Do you understand that? You should definitely vote.
What am I saying here? Of course you should vote.
Especially if you want to have control over your future. You know you have to be
registered to vote, right?
I mean, you know that, right? And you know if you have moved recently
you have to re-register. Everyone knows that right? The deadline to register is October 22nd.
That's right around the corner. After October 22nd, that's all,
that's it. Game over man. And you can't vote.
You can't vote. Okay look, lets make this easy.
Just follow the link and you can register online. I mean
we can't make it any easier. You have to register to vote.
You have to register to vote. It's cool go ahead, I'll wait while you copy that down.
I'll wait too. Take your time.
If we don't vote, nothing will change. If everyone thinks that voting doesn't
matter. And that they're just one person, then nothing will change.
And no one will take it seriously.
People say that college students don't vote
but your vote matters. We all have to vote.
Election day is November 6th and I know I'll be voting.
If we don't vote...then nothing will change. You have to vote.
It's all we've got. It's the only way we can control what happens in our country
and our state. Election day is November 6th. The polls are open
all day. So get out there and vote.
I'm going to vote. What about you?
Me too!
Me too!
Me too!
I mean, we made this whole video and all, so you're gonna vote, right?
Election day is November 6th. Please vote.
Just go vote. It's that simple. You're so gonna vote.


Don't Vote

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Chao Yu Lai 2016 年 9 月 23 日 に公開
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