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  • Don't vote.

  • No, seriously.

  • Do not vote!

  • What's the point??

  • It's not like elections are important or anything.

  • Who cares about education?

  • The economy or teachers or even students?

  • California has been a financial crisis for years.

  • Why vote? Students don't vote anyway.

  • Why start now? Students don't care.

  • Who cares about tuition hikes? College is still pretty cheap. Right?

  • Whatever! Don't vote!

  • Don't vote.

  • Don't vote.

  • It's not worth it.

  • It doesn't even matter.

  • We can't really make a difference so...don't vote.

  • So don't vote.

  • So don't vote!!!

  • Yeah, it's pointless, right?

  • Unless you really care and wanna make a difference.

  • If you care about your education

  • and your future. Or if you're just tired of

  • seeing the same things year after year. If you believe that

  • everyone deserves the right to seek an affordable education

  • and that school should be a top priority. If you care about teachers, police,

  • firefighters, students, parents,

  • everyone, you should really vote. Maybe it's time to step up

  • and use your right to vote. People have died just for the right to vote.

  • Do you understand that? You should definitely vote.

  • What am I saying here? Of course you should vote.

  • Especially if you want to have control over your future. You know you have to be

  • registered to vote, right?

  • I mean, you know that, right? And you know if you have moved recently

  • you have to re-register. Everyone knows that right? The deadline to register is October 22nd.

  • That's right around the corner. After October 22nd, that's all,

  • that's it. Game over man. And you can't vote.

  • You can't vote. Okay look, lets make this easy.

  • Just follow the link and you can register online. I mean

  • we can't make it any easier. You have to register to vote.

  • You have to register to vote. It's cool go ahead, I'll wait while you copy that down.

  • I'll wait too. Take your time.

  • If we don't vote, nothing will change. If everyone thinks that voting doesn't

  • matter. And that they're just one person, then nothing will change.

  • And no one will take it seriously.

  • People say that college students don't vote

  • but your vote matters. We all have to vote.

  • Election day is November 6th and I know I'll be voting.

  • If we don't vote...then nothing will change. You have to vote.

  • It's all we've got. It's the only way we can control what happens in our country

  • and our state. Election day is November 6th. The polls are open

  • all day. So get out there and vote.

  • I'm going to vote. What about you?

  • Me too!

  • Me too!

  • Me too!

  • I mean, we made this whole video and all, so you're gonna vote, right?

  • Vote!!

  • Election day is November 6th. Please vote.

  • Just go vote. It's that simple. You're so gonna vote.

Don't vote.


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投票しないでください (Don't Vot)

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