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Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's lesson, I am going to teach you some expressions that
might not be the most polite, but that are very, very useful and common, actually. These
expressions all have to do with the word "shit". As you may know, "shit" in English is considered
a bad word or a swear word. Even though it's considered this, many, many people use the
word "shit" in many different ways. "Shit" is actually one of the most useful expressions,
because you can use it when you're angry, when you're happy, to describe your house,
to describe your car. There are so many different ways we use the word "shit".
So, this video is actually called #2, and the reason why it's called:
"Talking More Shit: #2"
is because I've made a previous video with a lot of other "shit" expressions,
and I just found there were so many in English, I wanted to add more to your vocabulary. Just
as an aside, just a side note, "number two" is actually another way we say "shit". It's
actually a synonym of this. Okay? So, if you ever hear anyone talk about taking a number
two, it actually means they're taking a shit. Okay? So let's get started and learn some
more shitty expressions.
So, the first expression I want to teach you with the word "shit"... And I'm sure I'm going
to say the word "shit" a lot in this video, so just keep that in mind. The first expression
I want to teach you is: "Scared shitless". Okay? So "scared shitless" means you are very,
very scared of something. Okay? So it means you're terrified, you're so scared. An example
of this is if you saw a ghost. Okay? "When I saw the ghost, I was scared shitless. I
couldn't move. I was scared shitless." Have you ever seen a scary movie that has scared
you shitless? For me, I guess it was the movie The Exorcist. That scared me shitless. Okay.
So, very scared.
We have another expression with the word "shit". "To be in deep shit", "to be in deep shit".
So, if you are in deep shit, it means you are in trouble. Okay? If you are in shit,
deep shit means you're in a lot of trouble. So let's look at an example. "I lost $10,000"-okay,
imagine this-"at the casino." So I spent all my money, $10,000 at the casino. Now I have
a lot of problems. "I'm in deep shit." It means I have a lot of problems. I have big
trouble. Okay? Deep shit.
Another expression, very common expression actually, is: "shitload". And you can talk
about a shitload of something. "A shitload" means you have a lot. Okay? If I have a shitload
of friends, it means I have a lot of friends. If I have a shitload of books, it means I
have many, many books. Okay? Toronto has a shitload of people. Okay? I would never use
these expressions maybe in front of my teacher; these are expressions I would use with my
friends. And so, I might say: "Oh, yeah, Toronto has a shitload of people. It has a shitload
of restaurants." Okay. It means it has a lot. So, here's an example with me: "I have a shitload
of DVDs." I have a lot of DVDs.
Our next expression is probably one of my favourites on this list.
"When shit hits the fan",
okay. So: "Shit hit the fan". What does this mean? When shit hits the fan, it means
all these dramatic, crazy, insane things are happening. Okay? So, imagine this, imagine
I went to work and at my work maybe five people, they don't like their jobs, so they quit.
So now maybe it's just me and my boss. Okay? And then maybe my boss has a terrible day,
maybe, you know, there's a lot of trouble at my company, there's a lot of problems.
When my boss gets really angry, I can say: "Shit hit the fan." When the situation becomes
at its most insane, its most crazy, we say: "Shit hit the fan." Okay? So let's look at
an example of this. "Shit hit the fan when Ken came to work drunk." So, when Ken came
to work drunk, the situation became very dramatic. Shit hit the fan. It became very dramatic.
Okay? If you have two people who are married, and unfortunately, maybe one of the people
has a secret girlfriend or boyfriend. When the person finds out about the secret boyfriend
or girlfriend, that person's going to be very angry. Shit will hit the fan. The situation
will become very dramatic. Okay?
So, let's look at some more shitty expressions. So our next expression is: "shits", and that's
right, "shit" has an "s" here, just be aware of that. "Shits and giggles". Okay? A giggle
is a type of laugh. Okay? It's a laugh that maybe children do, or, you know, "hehehe",
that's a giggle. It's a little laugh. So, "shits and giggles" actually has to do with
the idea of fun. When we do something for shits and giggles, it means we do something
for no reason other than fun. Okay? So, imagine if I stole a car. I stole the car not because
I wanted money for it, not because I needed a car, but if I just stole a car for fun,
I could say: "I stole the car for shits and giggles.", "I did it for shits and giggles.
I did it for fun." Okay? So this usually explains the reason why you did something.
Our next expression: "I shit you not!" Okay? "I shit you not!" If you tell someone:
"I shit you not!"
it means I am being honest; I am not lying. This is true. "I shit you
not!" means this is true. Okay? So, imagine if I told you: "I just saw a ghost." If it
was true, I could say: "I shit you not, I just saw a ghost.", "I just saw an alien.
I shit you not. It's true."
The next expression, very, very common expression: "Feel like shit". Okay? This is probably the
most common expression on our whole list. If you feel like shit, it means you feel bad.
You do not feel good; you feel bad. Either you feel sad or you feel sick. So, here's
an example. "I'm sick. I feel like shit.", "I drank too much last night. I feel like
shit.", "I have the flu. I feel like shit.", "My boyfriend broke up with me. I feel like
shit." Okay? So very common expression. And again, please, please, please do not use these
in front of children, do not use these in formal business meetings. These expressions
are to be used with your friends, with other students; not in formal situations. Okay.
The next expression: "Shit bricks". Okay. "To shit bricks". "Shit bricks" is actually
a verb. In this case, "shit" acts as a verb. If you shit bricks, it means similar to being
scared shitless. It means you're very, very scared. Okay? So imagine this, imagine I have
a boss and I'm terrified of my boss. My boss is a very, very scary person. I can say: "When
my boss talked to me", if I'm worried maybe my boss is unhappy with me, I might be scared
shitless and I might shit bricks. Okay? So: "When my boss talks to me, I usually shit
bricks." Now, in this case, you might notice: why is it written "shat"? "Shat" rhymes with
"cat". Well, if you look at the word "talked", we have "ed" here. This is talking about the
past. Past tense. Okay? So, "talked" is in the past. "Shit", the past tense of "shit"
is "shat". "Yesterday, I shat bricks because I saw a ghost.", "Yesterday, I shat bricks
when I saw the alien." Okay? And again, I'm not crazy, I really didn't see a ghost, I
didn't see an alien. Just some examples.
All right, next example: when you shit on someone. Okay? If you shit on someone, it
means that you are not treating them nice. You're not being friendly; you're being unfriendly.
You're being very mean. Not nice. Okay? So, "shit on someone" is not a good thing. Example:
imagine if your boss is always yelling at you, you know, is always screaming at you.
You could say: "My boss is always shitting on me. I'm tired of it.", "My parents are
always shitting on me.", "My friends are always shitting on me." So it means when they're
treating you very badly. Okay?
Finally, our last expression: "Up shit creek". Okay? "Up shit creek". When you are up shit
creek, so you are... "Be up shit creek", this means that you have big problems, big troubles.
Okay? It's similar to deep shit, in deep shit. So, for example, imagine this: I have a...
I'm taking the TOEFL test. Okay? I'm taking a big test and I fail. And I can't get into
the university that I want to. You know, I might say: "Oh no. If I fail, I'll be up shit
creek. I will have problems if I fail.", "If I miss my test, I will be up shit creek.",
"If I..." you know, "If I steal from someone and they find out, I'll be up shit creek."
Okay? "If I quit my job and I have no job, I'll be up shit creek." So it means when you
have big problems.
Okay, so thank you very much for watching this video. To practice these expressions,
I invite you to come check out our website at www.engvid.com. There, you will find a
quiz and you can practice all of these expressions. Okay? If you don't practice, you will be up
shit creek, because you won't remember these expressions. Also, please subscribe to my
YouTube channel. There, you will find a shitload of videos. Okay? Videos you can watch on different
subjects, including the first part of this video. You can find that there, and you can
learn more shitty expressions. All right? You can take our quiz also for shits and giggles;
just for fun. So, thank you again for watching. Until next time, take care.


Learn Slang: 10 SHIT Expressions

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