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  • Oh my god.

  • My name is May.

  • I am going to be late for work for the fifth time in a month due to not being able to wake up on time.

  • It sucks that I have to be punctual for a very important meeting this morning.

  • So if I cannot go back on time, I am going to be in a deep trouble.

  • Aiya...

  • It hurts so much.

  • Aiya

  • It hurts so much.

  • Why is everyone just watching but not coming over to help me?

  • Ei.

  • Er.

  • Wei.

  • Lady, are you alright?

  • Do you need me to take you to a hospital?

  • Hai? Why?

  • Why doesn't anybody care when I fell?

  • In contrast, why does she deserve everyone's attention?

  • She is only slightly prettier than me, a bit more dress up than me and

  • a little bit slimmer than me.

  • Isn't that the reason why people have treated me as invisible?

  • Lady, may I help you?

  • Do you know why this happened?

  • This phenomenon can actually be explained by a psychological theory.

  • When an accident happens in a crowded street, a lot of people would initially offer help for someone in need and it seems to be the most common behaviors as we might think.

  • But the reality is that, as everyone think in this way, no one would take action to help May.

  • This phenomenon is called Diffusion of Responsibility.

  • Then I would like to ask you,

  • In what reasons there are a few men who help the other lady out of their eagerness?

  • Is there anything you want to talk?

  • If no, I have to leave.

  • Sigh, this is me.

  • I blame it on myself for not being expressive.

  • No wonder others consider me as a boring person.

  • But I am actually not a boring type. I also dream of a boyfriend like any other girls do.

  • I just don’t know how.

  • Maybe he can help...

  • Hi, I am your love expert, Santoro.

  • Apart from setting up effective eye contact with others by 180 degree of head turn, there are so many different techniques that you can learn.

  • There include more smile, happier and more cheerful.

  • But if you are shy, it is no longer a problem now.

  • You can actually join our dating program from my "dating social club for you and me and whoever for love and romance".

  • We have done so many successful cases,

  • Including Queen of herbal tea Ah Jun from Sau Mau Ping, who is now dating with Guangzhou's king of pop Wang Xiao Ming.

  • Our monthly fee is very cheap. $1800. 3 drinks are included and free flow for snack

  • And you can have a trial.

  • I guarantee your date to success or you get your money back.

  • How are you? My name is Little Bun.

  • I like reading and drawing.

  • How about you?

  • Hello, Little Bun. My name is noodle. Everyone says I look like him, and have silky long hair just like him too.

  • Don't you believe me? Then I am sending you my photo as a proof now.

  • I've never thought that we get along so well.

  • So many topics that we can share.

  • It will be great if our relationship can go further.

  • Little Bun:

  • Little Bun: We know each other for quite some time.

  • Shall we make a date and see each other face to face?

  • Noodle:

  • Sure! Why don't we go to watch sunset?

  • Watching sunset!? That is so romantic.

  • So touching!

  • So much alike Korean soap drama!

  • But on that day...

  • Aiya.

  • Lady, are you alright?

  • Do you need me to help you?

  • It touches me deeply.

  • I've never expected there is some one out there who still cares so much about me.

  • This is just wonderful.

  • May has finally met her helper.

  • I would like to ask you.

  • And now I would like to ask

  • How can you explain this situation with the concept of "Diffusion of Responsibility"?

Oh my god.


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