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  • In Recap 4, I talked about how the number 3 unlocks the plot in this poem—3 monsters,

  • 3 battles, 3 funerals.

  • As for what happens in between, here's the simplest explanation: This poem chronicles

  • Beowulf's life as a warrior and king ... including flashbacks to the past to keep things interesting.

  • Beowulf opens with the Danish King, Shield Sheafson's, funeral.

  • We meet Shield Sheafson's heirs, including king Hrothgar.

  • Grendel, the monster, starts wreaking havoc in Hrothgar's kingdom.

  • Beowulf arrives to save the day and we flash back to Beowulf's father and to several tales

  • of Beowulf's previous exploits.

  • Beowulf battles the monster, Grendel ... and triumphs!

  • Flash backs to 3 earlier battles.

  • The characters celebrate Beowulf's success but ...

  • Grendel's mother attacks!

  • Beowulf engages in an underwater battle with Grendel's mother ... and triumphs!

  • Hrothgar celebrates Beowulf's accomplishments and explains the heroic code for kings.

  • Beowulf returns to the land of the Geats, flashes back to his recent battles, and offers

  • treasures to his king, Hygelac.

  • Suddenly, 50 years have elapsed, Beowulf is now king of the Geats, and there's a dragon

  • on the loose. The last third of the poem alternates between dragon-related action and flash backs

  • that explain Beowulf's political history (basically filling in the 50 years that the poet skipped

  • over).

  • The poem ends with an epic battle against the dragon ... and Beowulf's funeral.

In Recap 4, I talked about how the number 3 unlocks the plot in this poem—3 monsters,


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"ベオウルフ" THE PLOT (PART 2) -- "ベオウルフ" ... 60second Recap®より ("Beowulf" THE PLOT (PART 2) -- "Beowulf" ... from 60second Recap®)

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