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  • This section is the famous fight with Grendel scene

  • and you'll notice here that Grendel, when he comes to the hall, it's not the first time he has come

  • to the hall,

  • and now when he puts forth his hand to open the door, the doors burst asunder

  • at his touch because he's that powerful a monster that he just bursts right in

  • and when he comes in he immediately grabs

  • some of the warriors that are lying there waiting for him, some of the Gaets that are waiting

  • for him,

  • and he devours and bolts them down hands and feet and all, it's a very graphic scene.

  • But when he comes to Beowulf, Beowulf has made this vow

  • that he's not going to fight with any swords against the monster

  • and consequently that's a saving vow, it's a vow that he boasts he wants to try

  • his own metal

  • against the monster but it saves him in the end because what happens is,

  • that no sword can pierce Grendel and so when Beowulf

  • grapples with him mano e mano, he actually

  • is at an advantage because he's not using a sword against him at all.

  • Well the two grapple and the whole hall rings with the sound

  • of their wrestling and eventually the strength

  • of the Gaet wins out against the strength of Grendel

  • and when Grendel feels that he's being defeated he tries to flee,

  • but Beowulf has him tight, has him gripped tight and it's that sense that

  • evil itself is terrified of a hero, of a heroic

  • character, a good man, and he wants to, Grendel wants to, flee from

  • the hall and flee back to his own cavern in order to hide from Beowulf,

  • but Beowulf won't let him go and he grapples him in the arm and finally

  • tears off his arm and Grendel goes fleeing into the night

  • to bleed to death in his own hall and so he's defeated

  • by the power of Beowulf. What was originally a boast

  • on the part of Beowulf, that is he was going to fight without a sword,

  • has now become his triumph, it's been

  • the thing that allows him to win out over Grendel and he hangs up this

  • tremendous arm

  • up in the rafters for everybody to see as a sign of

  • the fact that he's actually defeated this horrible monster.

  • So that's the end of these three sections, this fight with Grendel.

  • In the next section there's a slight shift that occurs here because

  • Hrothgar comes in and he tells this story to Beowulf

  • and the poet is taking a lay, a song,

  • that would have been popular at the time and incorporating it into his own

  • poem. So we see here next, in this next section, a story that Hrothgar is

  • telling

  • as a sort edification story or a contextual story,

  • part of the rejoicing over the fact that Grendel has been defeated.

  • So that's in this next section.

This section is the famous fight with Grendel scene


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