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  • Hey people this week we are making the mother of all chocolate desserts

  • we're going to make a gold chocolate melting ball inspired by the YouTuber

  • bar and talbert

  • now this is an absolute showstopper and once you see this

  • you're going to want to make a promise. So let me show you what you need to get

  • started to kick things off we are going to start by tempering chocolate which is

  • basically the process of heating up

  • bring the temperature back down and that gives it that's beautiful shine and snap

  • which is exactly you want

  • so I've got my thermometer and we're going to watch this very closely until

  • it hits hundred and fourteen degrees Fahrenheit to keep your eyes on it and

  • keep staring

  • ok we r 1 14 and want to do is in the pour in the rest of my chocolate and

  • this is going to cool it back down immediately and we're going to cool it

  • down to 91 degrees Fahrenheit ok and then we're ready to pour into a ball so

  • keep mixing keep watching a thermometer and making sure all those little bits of

  • chocolate melt 92

  • we're nearly there 91 ok take your thermometer out and get your little ball

  • mold and we're going to pour this in ok

  • pouring into it's about a quarter of the way full

  • just saw that and then what you gonna do put the chocolate one side seal the lid

  • on this

  • ok pop the lid on that and now swirl it around

  • what you're doing here is your coating the entire ball with chocolate

  • so you don't have a half naked board you want your ball to be completely covered

  • in chocolate

  • ok so spin around just until all those gaps are covered in glorious tempered

  • chocolate

  • so my ball is completely covered in chocolate and we're going to do now is

  • I'm going to put it into the fridge for an hour but what I want to do is in

  • return every two minutes for the first 15 minutes and that's going to make sure

  • there's an even layer of chocolate all around

  • so in the fridge it goes turning it every two minutes

  • so this has been the fridge for an hour 15 minutes and you can see this glaze

  • and shine on the chocolate ball and that means you have nailed your tempering

  • okay so well done to you

  • we're going to do now I'm going to gently melt the bottom of this swirling

  • it around until I make a hole that's big enough to cover a scoop of ice cream

  • swirling it around all the way until we get something is about that big

  • that's enough to cover ice cream and now we popped up back in the fridge for 5

  • minutes just to set up that melted chocolate

  • we'll be back i melted balls out of the fridge and we've got gold shimmer spray

  • we are going to make this look so fat see

  • okay i'm going to stand about a couple feet away

  • I'm just going to spray away and we're going to see how it looks ok so spraying

  • this look at this going around getting the underside as well so the final coat

  • of gold

  • put that in the fridge and then we can do on melting gold chocolate goodness

  • look at that fancy i have a scoop of my favorite vanilla ice cream here and

  • we're going to do is I'm atop this with a few berries on top with some hazelnuts

  • you can do whatever you want we're going to pop over our gold ball

  • okay so I'm gonna pick this up with a spatula and we're going to gently lace

  • this over the top of our ice cream

  • here we go I have got some really hot

  • toffee caramel source it smells delicious and we're going to pour this

  • over gold chocolate melting ball and it's going to be amazing

  • are you ready here we go

  • now we have our chocolate golden melting ball

  • you can see that ice cream raspberries hazelnuts

  • it all looks so delicious in that pool of caramel

  • you guys have got to try this one comment down below let me know what you

  • think and don't forget to subscribe to Topless Baker

  • the more baker goodness every week i'll catch you guys next week bye

  • and there we have it our chocolate golden melting molten there

  • no but it looks so good

Hey people this week we are making the mother of all chocolate desserts


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