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Oh yeah what's this in English? Do you know?
Vacuum Cleaner!
Vacuum Cleaner
"Fack you"
I can't believe it's been almost 4 year
since I made my first video
about arriving in Japan and my Japanese apartment.
Back then I didn't put any effort in because no one was watching.
And I remember in that video I spoke about being waken up by a hawk
who was living outside my window and used to wake me up like 3 times a week.
And funnily enough, I miss the hawk now because
the hawk has been replaced by a gigantic freight train.
That's about 500 times as loud and it goes past my apartment about 7 times a day.
I now live on Japan's Pacific coast, before I lived on the Sea of Japan.
And this side of Japan has a lot more seismic activities.
Twice this month I've been waken up by earthquakes.
Just last night I was waken up by a magnitude 4.8 earthquake that happened about 50 miles over there.
And as the room was shaking I slowly looked up at the 30 kg air conditioning unit mounted to wall
above my head and thought: "Is this a good place to fall asleep at night?"
Err probably not!
But I can't be bothered to move the bed!
It's a lot of effort isn't it?
I was actually supposed to be giving an English lesson to one of my top students today
but I thought: "why not kill two birds with one stone"
Why not have the tour of the apartment and then bring him along and teach him English at the same time?
A bit of a vocabulary practice, so without further a due
The Tour of the Apartment! Let's go!!
Okay so we're gonna go and check out the apartment!
And give Natsuki an English lesson at the same time as well, I'm gonna point at different things
and I want you to give me the English.
So let's see the apartment and have an English lesson!
I....what is this?
Only Pizza!
Pizza menu!
Every fucking day I get a pizza menu!
Every time! Every time!
Hey what's that?
This is awkward
Thank you
Oh again pizza!
Again pizza!
Unbelievable! Every day, every time!
Pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza
It's like they know there's a foreigner
It's like they know there's a foreigner here, anyway..
let's go!!
I can't believe that!
In English what do you say?
Stairs! This is stairs yeah!
Heaven stairs!
Heaven stairs!
Good good good alright!
And in here
Some clothes!
Chris fashion
What do you think of this?
Good color
It suits me!
Nice space!!
Yeah, it's all in one room!
One floor?
One floor!
Only kitchen?
Only a kitchen
I can't work out if that's good or bad.
Yeah it's altogether so it's the first time in my life my bed and my kitchen are in the same room.
I mean it's good and bad
I personally don't like living in the kitchen.
This is the same space but you can't have it all!
So what's your...what do you think?
Woah woah woah woah!
Errr yeah short!
And the water
Good sink!
Good sink!
It's a good sink!
Good sink!
It's a good sink!
Alright let's do some English testing!
Err Toaster!
Ooooooh very good!!
Electric Box
Uh no microwave
I really like that! "Electric Box! No, microwave!
Refridge hydrator
Nice one!
And just........
Easy..easy style!
Easy style coffee yeah!
Instant yeah yeah yeah
This is....so when people ring
When people at the front door..
Ooooh door phone?
But it records a video
It's pretty creepy look!
I don't know who this man is!
I don't know who this man is.. but I can watch a video of people arriving and ringing my door.
And it's like a horror film.
Mask man!
Mask man!
Yeah what the fuck, who's this??
There's three people
There's three people.
They're here again.
Yeah so it's pretty scary I don't like that.
This is my desk!
And above my desk I like to keep something to remind me of my aims yeah..
Nice wall!
Nice wall!
Yeah, let's make the world a much better place!
Much better place
Let's make the world a much much better place!
Much much better!
It's very important
I like to remind myself of that everyday!
And....I definitely didn't put it there this morning..
Um! So my breakfast!
This is my breakfast, everyday I eat nuts!
Every morning?
Every morning I eat nuts and a banana!
Or three..
This is my special mug
Oh! Like a Magic!!
Good word!
Good word.."Like a Magic"
Like a Magic
I like to write my ideas for How to Make the World a Much Better Better Place
So I write it here.
This is a pen.
This is a pen!
This is a pen!
Please draw my face.
Genius at work!
I don't know if he can draw or not, I've never seen him!
The humming is kinda creepy..
Show me!
It's just like me!
I look like a fucking strawberry
Strawberry face!
Let's make the world a much much better place!!!
Oh yeah what's this in English?
Do you know?
Vacuum cleaner!
Vacuum cleaner!
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Vacuum cleaner!
Ah! Vacuum! Vacuum!
Vacuum cleaner!
The Fucking cleaner
And that concludes the tour of the apartment!
If I had to choose between this one and my old one..
I'd probably prefer my old one
just because I really liked the sliding doors.
I liked the fact that the kitchen was separate from the bed area and I specially liked that the walls were made
of concrete. Here they're made of paper, if not, something thinner!
When I'm in bed at night I can hear my next door neighbor snoring
quite clearly and it's not normal.
Doesn't feel right to have that in an apartment.
Thanks for watching guys, we're off now to the local arcade to win lots of stuff so
we'll see you next time, take care, thanks for watching!
Or you can come join us and see how much stuff we're gonna win!
Presumably..quite a lot!!
Yeah! Let's go! Game center!
Let's get!
Yeah, let's do it!
One coin!
Oooh my God!!
Too heavy!!!
Too heavy!!
I'll see if I can do it!
Ooooh my gooood!
I had it perfectly!
This is bullshit I'm out of here!
The next challenge!
Easy we just got to knock..
We just got to knock this one
off of there!
This is some careful calculations going in here!
The money's gone in
Oh fuck off!!!
That was perfect!!!
You should!!!
Easy! Easy! Easy!!


僕の日本のアパートを紹介 (Exploring My Japanese Apartment | New Home)

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