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  • Welcome to the FT Market Minute

  • Here is what we're watching in London on Monday Morning

  • Well, US markets will be closed for the labor day holiday

  • But Wall Street is still influencing global activity

  • giving this reaction into the last week to the latest jobs data

  • Fewer than expected positions were created in the world’s biggest economy last month

  • and that leads traders to assuming slightly less likely that the federal reserve will raise interest rates

  • at a September meeting in a few weeks time

  • The dollar is a bit soft on this reasoning, and that's how we support gold prices too

  • As we know, equity investors tend to like the idea of boring cost being load for longer

  • So there seem to be a few hundreds closed on Friday less than half percent below its record high

  • And this is how the week in Asia and Europe, begin with the Frankfurt

  • European shares are imagining their best levels since early January

  • while in Asia and Pacific index is the nearlest the best levels in more than a year

  • Helping on the pin ball ceases its strength in the oil price

  • As Brent takes its Two-day gain to about five percent

  • Unfortunately at time of this recording, no one is really too sure what’s causing this latest spike

Welcome to the FT Market Minute


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ドル安、取引所は堅調なスタート|マーケット・ミニット (Softer dollar, strong start for bourses | Market Minute)

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