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  • Hey, Pascal!

  • Can you help me? I need to help me to plant the cabbage!

  • Let’s get to work.

  • There is a second one.

  • We are done here.

  • Let’s go home.

  • Let’s check the garden!

  • What happened here?!

  • Trap is set!

  • I got you!

  • Hey, what are you doing?

  • Those are mine friends. I send them to pick up some cabbage.

  • Well, that not nice! Those cabbages are mine.

  • You just need to ask.

  • To apologize I invite you to mine cabin for the lunch.

  • OK. I be there. Thank you for inviting me!

  • Hey, youre here! I just finished cooking lunch.

  • It’s so nice here.

  • Were going to have a great meal!

Hey, Pascal!


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A2 初級

♥レゴ ディズニープリンセス ラプンツェル & キャバゲー泥棒の巻(第3話 (♥ LEGO Disney Princess Rapunzel & THE CABBAGE THIEF'S (Episode 3))

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    陳宣燁 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日