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  • Sea turtles

  • are turtles that live in the sea. They can be found in most oceans.

  • But they especially love warm shallow water.

  • Male sea turtles spend their whole life in the sea.

  • So they're great swimmers!

  • Their flippers are perfectly designed to glide them through the water.

  • Females are great swimmers also

  • and only go on the land to lay eggs.

  • They lay lots of eggs in sandy beach nests.

  • When the cute little turtles hatch race to the water.

  • Look at them go!

  • What else can you notice about the sea turtle? That's right

  • sea turtles have hard shells protection.

  • Their shells are very strong. Did you know?

  • That a leatherback sea turtles grow big..

  • That they are as heavy

  • as a small car? Longer than a grown man!

  • And can swim as deep as a submarine. Sea Turtles eat

  • everything from sea grass to jellyfish!

  • But sometimes they confuse plastic bags with food.

  • So be careful where you throw your rubbish!

Sea turtles


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海亀。子供のための動物。キッズビデオ。幼稚園・保育園の学習 (SEA TURTLES. Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning)

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