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  • This bottle is made from plastic.

  • Actually a lot of things we have are made from plastic.

  • It's used everywhere but it also ends up everywhere,

  • damaging our planet.

  • Which is weird.

  • It's a precious material lying around everywhere... for free.

  • We could also turn this waste into something new.

  • Unfortunately, we haven't got the machines to do this ourselves.

  • They are only for the big boys.

  • So we developed machines that enable everyone to work with plastic

  • and start their own little factory.

  • Waste is shredded into small flakes

  • which will be used to create something new.

  • You can work freely with your hands

  • or make your own molds to set up a small production.

  • It's like being a craftsman in plastic.

  • Love the spacey recycled colors or keep it plain simple.

  • You can create little containers or pots.

  • Make your own functional tools

  • or use them to create new raw material.

  • Now you can turn plastic waste into something valuable.

  • We'd love to see plastic getting recycled all over the world,

  • so we shared the blueprints of these machines online.

  • But also, step-by-step instruction videos,

  • lessons about plastic, tips and tricks and useful templates.

  • A complete package with everything you need to get started

  • ready to download.

  • The machines are specifically designed using only basic tools

  • and low-cost materials that are available at every corner of the world

  • and they are developed modular, in different parts,

  • in this way you can always upgrade, repair and customize them

  • or even adapt them to your environment.

  • Wherever you live you should be able to build them yourself

  • or find a local handyman to help out.

  • These machines allow everyone to create new things from plastic,

  • set up a production, start a business, clean up the neighbourhood.

  • With this project, we wanna try and boost plastic recycling,

  • by providing people the tools to get started

  • so this is all the basic information people need

  • to start their own little recycle business

  • anywhere in the world

  • and they can all download it for free.

  • But in order for this to have an impact we need to make sure that people

  • actually know it's now possible and that they can just download and start

  • but we can't do this alone this is where we need your help

  • by visiting our website you can simply spread it around

  • make sure it reaches your friends, uncle, neighbour

  • but also that farmer living somewhere in the middle of Africa.

  • Your share might reach the right person

  • and all together we can make sure it reaches every corner of the world

  • once the information is spread, the recycling begins.

  • visit for more information and spread the word.

This bottle is made from plastic.


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