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  • courtesy of bosnia i was the i'm going to see you were having a new year's eve

  • party for your alice have in the most delicious apple cider desired

  • non-alcoholic right right leo your continuing the party here on sat at

  • retail dot of late night shifts what do you do is sort of keep your energy going

  • at night

  • they've had it in and out shark home and i really like it

  • and f_ lee utilize that but so what your staff how do you take it how do you take

  • that animals

  • courses so you know we wouldn't do it i thought some asking everybody their

  • reaction you found out that wasn't are returning

  • chameleon act

  • jake's reaction when he found out that i'm on the phone

  • now from a house

  • jerry berman scuffled

  • so happy to title totally elated

  • definitely but i really tried

  • some of its absolutely the the first couple singhania were in the loss and

  • were

  • dot org its much awaited but

  • the first the first couple sees a typical was so send them

  • something goes all something happen something happens and you as a person

  • favorite italian dash

  • a delicious like spaghetti bonnie's inhabit likely to myself i can't get a

  • good man and that i can do the boy you pronounce it really well too

  • into the back and abundance if you could make one actor appear on sat you get a

  • act opposite in a special who would it be

  • in the special yes

  • any actor clint eastwood

  • what kind of role which you get

  • alan decrease with the seasoned wizard

  • who has experience over all the young was its

  • you know knows i don't think the wise older

  • if you could trade places with anybody for a day

  • politically by the ship was there anybody for a day or might be selena

  • gomez she's she's going to be traveling there were no unfair sorcery travels a

  • lot you happen to somebody you know who

  • them so they were the travel misfortune to somebody outlets and someone uses

  • beautiful city but every weekend one quick twitter passion random question

  • are you ready for this fund jack illini at jacquelyn wants now

  • jake what some denies saying and child

  • puts although i must sing in the shower

  • call my god

  • i don't even know the songwriters adlai dowd is jam box and the sigma best

  • friends healed from a windows so that it is going to sit on the list is fifty

  • sounds like a lot of time uh... i think washout you do

  • i think that's better information than what's on using the chef but if you guys

  • as we are the same selena

  • size salinas charlotte charlotte some good selena gomez unseen that

  • perspective that fit

courtesy of bosnia i was the i'm going to see you were having a new year's eve


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ジェイク・T・オースティン、セレーナ・ゴメスとWAVERLY PLACEへの復帰について (Jake T. Austin on Selena Gomez and Returning to WAVERLY PLACE)

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