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  • Hello I'm Simon, welcome to Simon's Cat Logic, we'll be finding out from a cat expert

  • why cats behave the way they do.

  • Today, we're looking at 'Cleaning'.

  • Well, I once tried to wash my first cat Shelly. When I was very young I was about

  • 9 years old and I thought she looked a bit dirty so I tried to wash her and

  • I would never ever do that again.

  • Cats clean themselves.

  • [How do cats keep clean?] Cats spend about ten percent of their waking time

  • grooming they have a reputation for being fastidiously clean and they tend to clean

  • themselves when they first wake up.

  • Cats will actually groom in a particular order. If you have you ever watched your cat

  • grooming, you may notice they always start with the head end, so they will

  • wash their paws, to then wash their face and then systematically work

  • through their body before finishing with their tail.

  • [Did you know?]

  • A cat's rough tongue enables them to clean themselves efficiently and even to lick an animal bone clean.

  • They have hooked barbs on their tongues and this is really helpful to help them

  • keep their coats clean, it stimulates natural oil production which in turn helps with

  • waterproofing and insulation and also helps to remove the dead fur from their coat.

  • [Cats that groom together...]

  • Some cats will clean and groom each other and this is known as a allogrooming

  • and they tend to do this if they perceive themselves

  • to be in the social group. As well as reinforcing social bonds mutual grooming is

  • really useful to get those hard to reach areas, such as behind the ears.

  • [How can we help our cats?]

  • It's really useful to get kittens used to grooming from a very young age, so that they

  • accept this as part of their normal routine.

  • It's important for kitten's to have positive associations with grooming and

  • giving them a gentle handling and getting them used to the brush, so that it's

  • much easier for owners to feel through their coats see if there's any matts at all.

  • Ideally, to prevent matts from happening, but also to tackle them if needs be.

  • Especially for older cats that may need that little extra hand with

  • grooming because they're a bit stiff and struggle to do it themselves

  • [Too much grooming?]

  • There is such a thing as actually over grooming in cats, so things to look out

  • for is if a cat is regular grooming the same every repeatedly over and over

  • again and to the point that they are actually removing fur from that section,

  • so they're looking a little bit bald, and some cats may actually break the fur.

  • Now this can be both a medical problem and or a behaviour problem as well so the

  • first port of call should always be the vet.

  • I think of Teddy my black long-haired cat and what he loves to do is go

  • stalking through the long grass and he comes back covered in these little tiny grass

  • seeds and so I'm forever combing him with

  • a little flea comb to get these little grass seeds out which he loves.

  • He loves the extra attention so I would not be surprised if he goes out in that

  • field especially to get groomed afterwards.

Hello I'm Simon, welcome to Simon's Cat Logic, we'll be finding out from a cat expert


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サイモンの猫の論理 - 猫はどうしてこんなにきれいになるのか!? (Simon's Cat Logic - How Do Cats Stay So Clean!?)

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