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Ok! You've scheduled your flight to Porto. Great! What a special city, isn't it? And
you've already booked you hotel room, as well. Cool! But what now? How to make sure you get
the best of Porto? Would you like to try something different? What about choosing and enjoying
freely the finest travel experiences? Did you like the idea? We have something completely
different to offer. Take a look! Meet Portgall. Portgall was designed to challenge the old
way of organizing tourism, providing you with tools and knowledge that will let you explore
the authenticity of a destination with freedom and in a creative and meaningful way. The
best way. Your way. How does this exactly work? Let's see. Enter www.portgall.com. Tell
us your interests. Access a relevant and creative list of experiences and other activities,
as well as the essential information about their specific context. Add your favourite
ones to your plan. Finally, book them. And then the best part: come and enjoy! Portgall
will help you to explore this charming city in a creative and totally amazing, involving
way, with fun and freedom. Don't forget to download our app to your smartphone, that
will allow you to get the best of your trip and experiences. Portgall - Your Own Experience.


Portgall 專屬的私人導遊,讓你擁有最獨一無二的旅遊經驗 (Portgall - Your Own Travel Experience in Porto)

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