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  • In this short video we'll be discussing noun clauses with it and whether. So, noun

  • clauses with it or whether are just like any other noun clause. They're dependent

  • clauses, so they need to be attached to an independent clause, and we use it or

  • whether to introduce these types of noun clauses. We use these types of noun

  • clauses to change yes-or-no questions into clauses or dependent clauses. We

  • use statement word order in these types of noun clauses just like the WH

  • question noun clauses we don't use question word order and we don't use a

  • question mark at the end of the sentence. if the noun clause is in a statement.

  • So, let's look at some examples we have this first yes-or-no question

  • "Are the students studying?" Now he want to try to change this into a noun clause so we

  • start with the independent clause "the instructor wants to know" We just make this

  • independent clause up and we're going to add "if" and then we switch the subject

  • and verb so that their in statement word order so we have "The instructor wants to know

  • if the students are studying" Here's another example: "Did the students see the email?"

  • Start with the independent clause "She wonders" then we can use if or whether,

  • statement word order. She wonders if the students saw the email." So

  • you can see that in the original question we have the helping verb in the

  • past tense, subject and then the main verb, and then in the noun clause we have the subject

  • and the verb as if it was just a statement. "Should they write the email?" Another yes/no

  • question. We start with the independent class "He's not sure" then we start with "if" or

  • "whether" and then we have the subject "they should write the e-mail." So we're going to talk about one common error

  • that a lot of people make a mistake with using these types of noun clauses.

  • The first error is using 'that' and 'if' or 'whether' to connect the independent clause with

  • the noun clause, so for example we have "The student wants to know that if there's homework."

  • So, we can't use both 'that' and 'if' in the sentence. To correct this error, we start with this

  • error "the student wants to know that if there's homework" We just take out 'that'

  • and now we have a sentence, a complex sentence with the 'if' or 'whether' noun clause.

In this short video we'll be discussing noun clauses with it and whether. So, noun


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if または if かどうかを伴う名詞節 (Noun Clauses with if or whether)

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