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  • Hi everyone! Today we're going to talk about nouns.

  • A noun is a special kind of word, called a 'part of speech.' Nouns are words that name

  • a person, place, thing, or idea.

  • Here are some examples of nouns. 'Girl' and 'boy' are words that name people. 'Doctor,'

  • 'fireman,' and 'artist' are nouns, too. This artist is a penguin. 'Penguin' is also a noun!

  • Nouns can also name places. 'Playground' and 'park' are nouns that name places. Words like

  • 'country' and 'state' name places, too.

  • There are many, many words to name the things that are around us. Anything you can touch,

  • see, hold, or feel is a noun - a type of noun called a 'concrete noun.'

  • Finally, there are nouns for ideas. These are a little trickier to understand, as we

  • can't see or touch them, but even though we can't touch them we still need names for things

  • like love, honesty, and happiness. These are called 'abstract nouns.'

  • Nouns can be singular, like if there is only one dog, or they can be plural, if there are

  • several dogs.

  • The last thing we are going to talk about today is the difference between common nouns

  • and proper nouns. Common nouns are nouns that are general, or could belong to more than

  • one item. Baby is a common noun. This is a baby, and this is a baby. But these babies

  • have proper names. If I say that this baby is named Ethan and this baby is named Emma,

  • those are the proper nouns that name each specific baby. Proper nouns are special. We

  • show that they are special by always using capital letters for proper nouns.

  • Let's look at some more examples of common and proper nouns!

  • I hope this helped you to understand what a noun is, and learn the difference between

  • a few of the types of nouns.

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