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  • You probably heard the usual drill: A NOUN is a person...A place:

  • ...Or a “thing:”...Usually, you can imagine picking it up:....Or walking around it!....In

  • fact, if it’s anit,”.... youve got yourself a noun.

  • But sometimes thosethingsare hard to put your finger on

  • For example, in this sentence: {singing} All you need is LOVE! Here, Love is a THING, so

  • it’s a NOUN.

  • But love can also be something you DO. If the word LOVE is used as an ACTION, then it’s

  • a VERB: I LOVE you!

  • So how can you tell if the word is a NOUN or a VERB? Try theperson place or thing

  • test. Here’s how it works: Can you substitute the worditfor the word? If so, youve

  • got yourself a NOUN. If you need an action to have the word make sense, youve got

  • a VERB: I am WALKING to the store. Can you substitute IT for WALKING? I am IT to the

  • store. No! Makes no sense! In that sentence, WALKING is not a thing, because youre DOING

  • it. It’s an ACTION. Action words are called VERBS.

  • What about this sentence? WALKING is good for you. Let’s try the test. IT is good

  • for you. Yes! In that sentence, “walking is good for youthe wordwalking

  • is a noun, because it’s a “thingand you can replace it withit.”

  • You can do tests with the people and places to see if they are nouns too.

  • Let’s try another example: I like TENNIS. Can you substitute Tennis withitor

  • theyin that sentence? I like IT. Yes! In that sentence, tennis is a “thing!”

  • so it’s a noun. But try this one: TENNIS rackets are expensive.Can

  • you substitute TENNIS withitortheyin that sentence? IT rackets are expensive.

  • No! In that sentence, the word TENNIS describes what KIND of racket is expensive, so it’s

  • not being used as a noun. You can do test with people and places to see if they are nouns, too.

  • Try out the IT test on your own set ofthings,” Justice, Independence, poetry, American

  • History, The Galapagos Islands,” Abraham Lincoln, and Attila the Hunare all nouns!

You probably heard the usual drill: A NOUN is a person...A place:


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名詞とは?初心者のための英文法|基礎英語|ESL (What are Nouns? English Grammar for Beginners | Basic English | ESL)

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