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[Start @00:00:00]
[Learn all English tenses]
[On every slide I will put the positive negative and question @00:00:05]
[using the verb to RUN @00:00:12]
[The simple present tense @00:00:18]
[She runs. She does not run. Does she run? @00:00:21]
[The present progressive tense @00:00:27]
[She is running. She is not running. Is she running? @00:00:30]
[The simple past tense @00:00:38]
[She ran. She did not run. Did she run? @00:00:41]
[The past progressive tense @00:00:47]
[She was running. She was not running. Was she running? @00:00:51]
[The present perfect tense @00:00:58]
[She has run. She has not run. Has she run? @00:01:01]
[The present perfect progressive tense @00:01:08]
[She has been running. She has not been running. Has she been running? @00:01:12]
[The past perfect tense @00:01:21]
[She had run. She had not run. Had she run? @00:01:24]
[The past perfect progressive tense @00:01:31]
[She had been running. She had not been running. Had she been running? @00:01:34]
[The future tense with will @00:01:41]
[She will run. She will not run. Will she run? @00:01:45]
[The future tense with going to @00:01:51]
[She is going to run. She is not going to run. Is she going to run? @00:01:55]
[The future progressive tense @00:02:03]
[She will be running. She will not be running. Will she be running? @00:02:06]
[The future 2 tense @00:02:14]
[She will have run. She will not have run. Will she have run? @00:02:17]
[The future 2 progressive tense @00:02:25]
[She will have been running. She will not have been running. Will she have been running?
[The conditional 1 tense @00:02:36]
[She would run. She would not run. Would she run? @00:02:38]
[The conditional 1 progressive tense @00:02:45]
[She would be running. She would not be running. Would she be running? @00:02:48]
[The conditional 2 tense @00:02:54]
[She would have run. She would not have run. Would she have run? @00:02:56]
[The conditional 2 progressive @00:03:03]
[She would have been running. She would have not been running. Would she have been running?
[This is just a quick practice. @00:03:13]
[Grammar is not the most important thing. @00:03:16]
[But it is good to see how English is formed. @00:03:20]
[I will have many more fast English lessons. @00:03:24]
[So click the subscribe button and learn English quickly. @00:03:28]
[Thanks for your time and have a great day. @00:03:32]


Learn All English Tenses in 212 Seconds

469 タグ追加 保存
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