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Anna? It’s Rhys!
No the other one…
Hey listen, I’ve written a safety video for Air New Zealand and I want you to be in it.
It’s like a Hollywood cop movie…
There he is, the pot dealer!
Kia ora - before we leave, we’d like to remind you to obey all crew member instructions, placards and illuminated signs.
We’ve got to go now!!!
Loose items must be stowed in the overhead locker, or underneath the seat in front.
Those are Police donuts.
If the seatbelt sign were to illuminate, return to your seat straight away.
Belts fit low across your hips. Keep it on throughout the flight, but should you need to get up, just lift the lever.
He’s getting away….
No, no, no, no, no, no. Stop.
A cop movie?
Rhys, if I’m going to do a safety video, I want to a least do something that’s finally going to win me an award.
How about romance?
Anna, Anna, Anna!
I came to tell you that…
I love you
I think I’m going faint!
If you need some air, oxygen masks will fall down from above.
Pull down on the mask, place over your nose and mouth and adjust the elastic for a secure fit. If the bag doesn’t inflate, oxygen will still flow.
And remember, secure your own mask before assisting little ones.
Merci beaucoup.
Kiss me!
If an emergency were to happen during takeoff or landing, fasten your seatbelt and place your forehead against the seat in front.
Put your feet back and firmly on the floor, and hold your lower legs.
If there’s no seat in front or it’s too far away, put one hand over the other on top of your head, elbows either side of your legs, and feet back firmly on the floor.
In Business Premier, sit upright, put your hands on your thighs and your feet firmly on the floor.
Rhys, stop.
What? Too French?
I just don’t think people are going to believe an Australian actor playing a Frenchman.
New Zealand.
Do you like scary movies, Rhys?
Oh, these woods are scary.
But what a perfect place for a swim…
Lifejackets are within easy reach of your seat.
Are they?
In Economy class, it’s located under your seat.
They’re easy fastened sitting down. Just rip back the tag, pull over your head, clip the straps together, and tighten.
Pull the red tab to inflate your lifejacket, but only after you’ve exited the aircraft.
For more inflation blow into the mouthpiece.
Crew have infant lifejackets, should you need them.
Not scary?
What about now?
Crew are now pointing out your exits.
Count the rows to your nearest exit. It could be behind you.
In the event of an emergency, escape path lighting will guide you.
If we have to evacuate, leave all baggage behind.
You can’t escape me, Rhys!
Let’s cut to something else….
This is better………
Howdy. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on this aircraft.
And that includes using or charging electronic cigarettes.
Or what?
You can’t start a sentence with or.
You can end one with or.
We do that in New Zealand a lot. Like, do you want fish and chips, or?
I’ve done a lot of gun-fighting so…
Ugh. I’ll text you!
Lightweight handheld electronic devices may be used at any time.
These must be secured in your hand, or in a clothing or seat pocket.
Still larger devices such as laptops, in the overhead locker or in a bag underneath the seat in front.
What did he say?
Ensure all devices are switched to flight mode as Wi-Fi is not available on this aircraft.
Feel free to use Bluetooth, but only after selecting flight mode.
For more information, just look at the safety card in the seat pocket in front.
Or ask your flight attendant.
That’s it from us.
From all your crew.
Thanks for flying Air New Zealand.
The tumbleweed thing….
Haha – it was great working with you too, Anna.
Your warrior outfit?



ハリウッドでの安全性 #AirNZSafetyVideo

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