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What, what
What, Shenme
Oh my gosh, stop right here!
There's so many Camrys!
Alright, let's go!
Garvey, Valley
Main, Huntington
Garvey, Valley, Main
I’m gonna get noodles
Only got $10 in my pocket
I'm on Garvey, yeah, I'm kinda starving
This is really awesome
Walk up on Garvey like "Whoa, is this Chinatown?"
The new Chinatown, not the old Chinatown
Immigrant drivers, be careful when you ride around
Crooked in the lane, you can catch em' swerving out of bounds
You can't find this mix anywhere on the planet
Canto's the language, a little Viet and Spanish
But almost everyone speaks Mandarin
Cuz' all the Mainland Chinese are moving in
If you like a good deal, then you gotta know this avenue
Go to JJ's and you don't even like the food
Mom and pop shops like holes in the wall
Grannies with grand kids, call them poh pohs
From chiu chow noodles to the pho in El Monte
You know the waitress will remind you of ya auntie!
The streets packed so you know it's a community
Hard working people just looking for opportunity
Posted up on Garfield, watching people pass
They say it's kinda ghetto, I just call it working class!
I'm gonna get some nomz
Only got $10 in my pocket
I'm on Valley, so many restaurants
This is really awesome
I'm gonna get some nomz
Only got $10 in my pocket
I'm on Valley, so many restaurants
This is really awesome
What you know about 300 Asian restaurants?
So many different types you'd never pick a best one
You could Yelp for years, get help from peers
And you'll still miss a tasty spot!
Valley in Alhambra is full of banks from the far east
So many banks you could call it 'Asian Wallstreet'
So many banks you could call it 'Asian Wallstreet'
Yeah, I don't need a girl from The Valley
I just need a girl who knows her way around Valley (Blvd)!
2 meals + dessert = got you feelin like a fatty!
The most famous Asian food street out in Cali!
New Ave to Del Mar that's Little Mainland
Drive by the Hilton and you better have patience
Man, they say Asians are smart..
$80,000 cars and we don't know how to park!
I need something non-Asian
I think I'm gonna hit up Main!
If I want dumplings, I'll keep driving
There's always Las Tunas.....
Now we on Main it's so multi-grain
With major chains, it's kinda nice for a change
Cuz' this is America, sometimes I need a burger
and sometimes I want to speak English to my server
Alhambra's version of Old Town Pasadena
Except not as clean and a little bit cheaper
Now it's Las Tunas, it's back to being Asian
But the Asians speak English and there's more Caucasians
New developments, Las Tunas getting busy
And if you getting married, downtown Temple City!
Yeah, Temple City, nice people huh?
Yeah, but lets keep heading north.
Now we roll through Huntington, road so wide
Old money, new money. That's the divide
Asian stuff poppin up, it's a matter of time
Before this street ends up looking like San Marino High!
For most, it's just the street to the mall
But in a way, it's the most powerful street of them all!
I'm going north of Huntington
Where the rich people live
Fancy street so big
This is the 626
These streets flow through the 626
Every city has it's own identity
These streets flow from east to west
I like every street in it's own waaaaaaay
Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington.
Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington.


Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Priscilla Liang

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